Do Pawn Shops Buy Vapes (Vape Pens)? Answered! in 2017

Brian McCracken


A lot of people have been asking about vapes and pawn shops recently. I’m happy to report that more and more pawnbrokers are taking them, but find out why it’s not all yet in this article!
The wild world of pawn shops can be just that – WILD!
That having been said, having worked in them for so long, you might think that I wouldn’t be surprised by anything that comes through the doors at this point.
You would be wrong by the way.
A few years ago, vape pens, or vapes as they are sometimes known, became really popular!
There is an entire industry that has exploded around them.
You can find stores that are purely dedicated to selling vapes and the fluid for them of all different kinds, styles and flavors.
So with the huge growth in this market, how did the pawn industry react to it?
Well, that’ actually a really fascinating question to be honest.
You see, some pawnbroker absolutely embraced it, and in a big way. There are pawn shops out there that got in on the game and stock the fluids and brand new vapes for their customers.
Then there are the other pawn brokers that had no idea what a vape pen even was or why someone had one to begin with.
As you can imagine, finding a pawn shop that would take vape pens was divided along these same lines.
Are you curious to know if a pawn shop in your area would buy your vape pen? Vapes are becoming much more popular and as they do, more and more pawn shops will take them in!
The First Time Someone Brought A Vape Into Our Pawn Shop
To be honest, I’m not a smoker of anything. I always thought it was a disgusting habit and had a rather smug outlook on the whole topic.
Then one day, someone brought a vape pen into our store and asked if we would buy it.
One of the girls that works for me instantly turned it down, which was a mistake. I chased him down in the parking lot and asked to learn more about it.
Anytime there is something new that’s brought into one of my stores, I want to learn about it because there’s a good chance that other people will bring in something similar later.
The guy was really nice, showed me how they were used, and explained a lot to me. So I brought him back into the store and looked up his exact model vape pen.
In the end, I made him an offer to buy it, which he accepted. Since that point, I’ve been sure to make people very good offers on vape pens when they bring them in.
It really opened my eyes to how many people use vape pens and if you’re a pawn broker reading this, then take my advice and consider making loans on or buying vape pens in your shop – they are good collateral!
So Do Pawn Shops Take Vape Pens – Bottom Line
At this point, I suppose we ought to get to the bottom line on all of this. Do pawn shops buy vape pens?
Some do, some don’t – but they should.
You’re going to have to spend a few minutes and lookup various pawn shops in your area, call them up, and ask them.
This is an item that is still relatively new to the pawn industry, and some pawnbrokers have really embraced it while other see them as something “Gross” because people put them in their mouths.
So, the answer here is that no, not all pawn shops will take them, but they should and if you call around, you can probably find one around you that will!
Just make sure that when you take your vape pen to them that it is as clean as possible and fully charged so that they can see that it works.