Do Pawn Shops Buy Vacuums

When it comes to vacuums, it’s an item that most pawn shops will work with if it is a nicer vacuum and in good condition but not all.

You have to understand that not all pawn shops operate on the same set of rules or criteria for what they will and will not accept. That having been said, if you have a nicer Dyson (or something similar) that works perfectly and has all of the various pieces and parts, then there is a good chance that you will be able to pawn or sell your vacuum to a pawn shop.

That having been said, don’t expect to get a whole lot for it.

You have to keep in mind that you can go into just about any Target or Walmart and walk out with a new vacuum for around $50. Sure, it may not be a Dyson, but when looking at used items, sometimes the new cost of similar items has to be taken into account and vacuums are often considered “Disposable” these days.

How To Get The Most For Your Vacuum Cleaner At A Pawn Shop

If you want to get the most for your nicer, perfectly working, good condition vacuum at a pawn shop, there are some things that you can do to put the odds in your favor.

Clean It Up

The first step is to clean the vacuum up. Empty the dust bin or replace the cleaner bag if that applies to your vacuum. Maybe clean off the brushes.

After you’ve done that, turn your attention to the outside of the vacuum. Remove any marks, dust, or debris that has built up on the outside of the vacuum as well.

You always want your item to look as new as possible when you are taking it into a pawn shop to be looked at. Remember, this is something that someone will use to clean there home. They probably don’t want to start off with your old home debris, dust, pet hair, etc.

Bring All Of The Parts

This is critical when we are talking about pawning a vacuum. All of the attachments matter.

If you are missing tubes, hoses, and cleaning heads, that’s going to be taken into account when the pawn shop makes you an offer on your vacuum cleaner, so make sure that you have everything that originally came with it.

If you have extra replacement parts like belts and vacuum dust bags (if those apply to your vacuum) it’s a great idea to bring those as well.

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