Do Pawn Shops Buy Sunglasses

Brian McCracken


Oh folks, here we are again with another interesting question about just what it is that pawn shops will typically take in either for a loan or in on an outright sale.
Unfortunately this is one of those questions that isn’t just so easy to answer because of the variety of pawn shops out there as well as the variety of sunglasses on the market.
So let’s just address what we can first and do the best possible job of getting to the bottom on this once and for all.
Do pawn shops take in sunglasses? Maybe. HUH? Yes, maybe.
You see, pawn shops aren’t like Walmart of Home Depot – they don’t all follow the exact same rules or regulations and they are all going to operate a littler differently.
You see, they are all going to have their own ideas on what is good to take in and what isn’t. Sunglasses might fall into a category of items that they just aren’t comfortable with.
That having been said, any smart pawn shop will love to see your sunglasses come through the door as long as they are name brand and desirable to some degree.
The fact of the matter is that there are plenty of pawn shops out there that will buy your sunglasses should you need to sell them. If you just need to make a loan on them, they will likely also make your a pawn loan against your sunglasses as well.
Pawning Sunglasses
Okay, so let’s get down to just the facts about pawning sunglasses successfully.
The very first thing that you need to do is to find a pawn shop that will take in and accept your sunglasses for a loan or as an outright sale.
The best way to go about doing that is to go to and search the phrase “Local pawn shops.”
Google will then return a list of pawn shops in your area, along with their addresses and phone numbers. You should use that list and call those pawn shops one-by-one until you have at least 2 or 3 shops that will at least take a look at your sunglasses and consider them for a loan or as something to buy.
Once you’ve done that you can move on to step two.
Now that you have a few places that will look for your sunglasses, it’s time to put the rest of this story together and make it work for you.
To get the most for your sunglasses at a pawn shop you will need to be worried about:
Condition – Obviously your sunglasses should be in good condition. You will want to take the time required to clean them up if required.
you don’t have to go nuts here, but wipe them down and get any heavy debris off them. If you happen to have a good microfiber cleaning cloth, it’s definitely something that you should use here.
The idea is to make your sunglasses look as new as possible so that the pawn shop has a very favorable opinion of them when they see them.
Completeness – Like all things, your name brand sunglasses probably came with a case of some sort, maybe even a box.
They definitely came with a receipt when you purchased them and likely some kind of tags or other documentation.
if possible you will want to have all of this with you when you take them into the pawn shop as they will help you present your sunglasses as complete and 100% ready to go, able to face any potential buyer objection.
Authenticity – This is the third thing and to be fair the second point feeds into this a little.
if you have all of the tags, box or case, paperwork, etc it will help establish your sunglasses as the real deal and not just some China made fake that you bought off eBay like everyone else does.
Pawn shops have to be really careful about items that are typically counterfeited and sunglasses most certainly are, so if you have all of these document that will definitely help your case.
Following these simple rules will help you pawn your sunglasses for the most money possible when and if you should need to.