Do Pawn Shops Buy Subwoofers – THE ANSWER!

Brian McCracken


Do Pawn Shops Accept Subwoofers
So this is one of those questions that I see asked all the time, particularly in more urban settings.
The question is, if pawn shops will take in subwoofers or if that is something that they typically try to avoid.
The fact of the matter is that this will completely depend on the pawn shop in question, and what their typical customer might be.
If they think that they will be able to resell something like subwoofers pretty easily, then they will normally be very happy to buy them from you, or make you a loan on them should you need it.
If the pawn shop that you are dealing with is in a more rural area and they typically do not have a customer that would be interested in the subwoofers, then it is much less likely that they will be willing to work with you on your subwoofers, or virtually any other car audio equipment.
You have to keep in mind that pawn shops exist almost purely to buy and sell merchandise.
As such, if they are unable to sell the item, then they are going to be much less likely to be willing to take it in to begin with.
You might be wondering, “Do pawn shops buy subwoofers?” If you have high quality subwoofers that are in good working order, then the answer may very well be yes.
How You Can Get The Most For Your Subwoofers At A Pawn Shop
Assuming that you find a pawn shop that is willing to take in your subwoofers, then there are some things that you can do to attempt to get the most money as possible for them.
For instance, the first thing that you should do is make sure that the subwoofers are fully functional.
Often times a pawn shop will want to test the subwoofers for their performance and make sure that there is nothing wrong with them before they buy them or make a loan on them.
What this can mean, is that you may consider putting your subwoofers in some kind of case or box when you take it into the pawn shop.
This will make it easy for the pawn shop to hook them up if they have the equipment to do so.
You can take this one step further by having your car configured to run the subwoofers if the pawn shop would like to see them demonstrated.
The second thing that you can do, of course, is to make sure that they are as clean and presentable as possible.
Subwoofers will sometimes accumulate some scratches, dirt or other related debris over time.
So take a moment to wipe the subwoofers down. You don’t have to go crazy with this, just use a wet cloth to run over the surface of the subwoofers.
The third thing that you can do is to make sure that you have any related documentation associated with the subwoofers available and ready for the pawn shop to look at when you take them in.
By doing this up front, you may save the pawn shop time in researching what subwoofers you have, and how much they may sell for on the used market.
Assuming that your subwoofers are of a respectable brand name, or part of a higher quality unit, having this documentation upfront will make sure that the pawn shop does not make the mistake of associating your subwoofers with a pair that might be less expensive.
If you follow these three simple rules you should have a positive experience at the pawn shop when you take your subwoofers in.