Do Pawn Shops Buy Stuff Too?

Brian McCracken


A lot of people seem to be under the false impression that pawn shops only make loans against items but that just isn’t true. To be honest, if that’s all that pawn shop did, they would be in serious trouble.

The fact of the matter is that most pawn shops will also buy your items if you would rather sell them.

Typically speaking you will get a little more for something if you sell it outright, so there are advantages to just selling your items if you don’t need them.

Of course the problem here is that then most people confuse pawn shops with resale shops – but they aren’t the same thing.

In fact, I suggest you read this article to clear up the confusion: Is A Resale Shop The Same As A Pawn Shop

If you don’t want to go through all of the effort of that, I’ll quickly explain the differences.

  • Because a pawn shop can operate like a resale shop. They can buy and sell items to the general public.
  • However a resale shop can’t offer pawn loans. That’s the key that makes a pawn shop and resale shop different.

What Kind Of Stuff Do Pawn Shops Buy?

Against I’m going to refer you to another post of ours: What Can You Sell At A Pawn Shop

Once you read that you will have a much better understand of the kind of goods pawn shops will typically work with.

The ‘Short & Sweet’ version is that virtually all pawn shops will buy gold jewelry and diamond rings. The second most common thing after jewelry would be tools.

When it comes to tools, pawn shops will typically only deal in brand name tools. (See: What Brand Tools Do Pawn Shops Buy)

After jewelry and tools, the next most common thing for pawn shops to buy would probably be electronics such as laptops, TVs, etc. The newer the better. Most pawn brokers will stick to the 2 year rule. If it’s more than 2 years old then either they won’t take it in or if they do at significant less than if it was less than 2 years old.

Are You New To Pawn Shops?

If so, the check out:

Those five posts will give you all of the basic information you need to have for dealing with pawn shops.

The Nerd’s Experience

Never underestimate what a pawn shop may buy. All types of merchandise comes through the doors of a pawn shop. They are prepared to see it, so don’t be afraid to bring something goofy in that you might think has some kind of value.

Don’t be surprised if what you think is junk actually has value. There have been many times that I’ve seen someone come in with something that they didn’t think was very valuable and then later find out that it was actually worth a couple hundred dollars.

Once you’ve got the basics down and have found some interesting things to take – head down to your local pawn shop and see what they have to say. You never know what to expect.

That About Does It…

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