Do Pawn Shops Buy Sewing Machines – SOLVED!

Brian McCracken


Are sewing machines something that pawn shops will buy?
In this question, we really have an interesting set of scenarios. Everyone has that grandmother or relative that has an old sewing machine laying around.
Can you take that sewing machine to a pawn shop and get money for it?
It’s an interesting question and the answer unfortunately is not so simple.
Let’s keep in mind for a minute that a pawn shop is typically not a big box store.
What that means is that not all pawn shops operate by the same set of rules and therefore not all of them take in the exact same types of merchandise.
Knowing that, what I can tell you is that the law of averages states that most pawn shops will at least look at your sewing machine and consider taking it in for a loan.
Of course, they’re going to be a variety of factors that determine whether a pawn shop would be willing to do this. These factors are going to be very easy to understand, and not that much different from any other item that you might take to a pawn shop for a loan or to try and sell.
If you’re wondering if pawn shops will accept sewing machines for loans or purchase, a few factors must be considered. For a pawn shop to take in a sewing machine, its overall condition and value must be determined.
What A Pawn Shop Will Look For In Your Sewing Machine
The first thing that a pawn shop is going to do when it looks at a sewing machine is determine that it is in good condition, works properly and is complete.
If your sewing machine is missing parts and pieces, or doesn’t work the way it should, then you can’t reasonably expect that a pawn shop will really want to take it in.
In addition to that a pawn shop is going to look at the make and model of your sewing machine to determine whether it is something that they want to work with.
Less expensive sewing machines, or sewing machines that are less desirable, aren’t as likely to be taken in by a pawn shop as a sewing machine that is considered very valuable.
Obviously, there are some very expensive sewing machines out there that pawn shops would love to work with.
In addition to that, there are all sorts of vintage sewing machines out there that pawn shops would absolutely love to get their hands on. If you happen to have a vintage sewing machine, then you should at least bring some form of documentation with you to let the pawn shop know exactly what it is.
That can be tough to do in the case of some sewing machines, but try to do your best to track down the manufacturer and model of the sewing machine, as well as when it may have originally been made.
How To Get The Most For Your Sewing Machine At A Pawn Shop
If you want to get the most money for your sewing machine when at a pawn shop, then there are a few simple rules that you should follow.
The first thing is, as previously stated, to make sure that sewing machine works properly. What that means is that you can demonstrate to the pawn shop employee that the sewing machine works when they ask you – it’s not enough to just know it works, you’ll want to be sure that you will be able to show it works.
Because of that, you should at least bring some thread with you as well as something that you can potentially sew for them. You don’t have to be a seamstress but just display that the sewing machine works at creating stitches.
The second thing you should do is try to make sure the sewing machine is as clean as possible. This will allow you to present the sewing machine in the best light that you possibly can, in hopes of getting the most money for it as possible.
Obviously, the better something works, the easier the pawn shop feels that they would be able to resell it should they have to.
If you follow these two simple rules you should have a favorable experience when you go to your local pawn shop and attempt to get a loan or sell your sewing machine.