Do Pawn Shops Buy Routers – ANSWERED! in 2017

Brian McCracken


A lot of things come into pawn shops, but when a router comes in, is that something that a pawn shop will buy? Find out in this article!
People love to pawn electronics and most pawn shops love to have people come in who love to pawn them!
That having been said, do pawn shops buy routers?
All routers? Just WiFi routers? What’s the deal when it comes to pawn shops and routers?
Well, I’m going to tell you that in most cases, a pawn shop will be happy to buy your router, particularly if it is newer and in very good condition.
That having been said, there are still some pawn shops out there that hate dealing with electronics for whatever reason.
Now on to a greater questions I suppose which is how to pawn shops react when you bring a router in to pawn?
Well, most do the same thing for routers that they do for other items.
They will inspect it to be sure that it is in good working condition, which in the case of a router, can take a little longer than it might take them with other items.
Then they will evaluate your router’s value by looking it up on sites like eBay and Amazon to see what that specific model router is selling for used on the open used marketplace.
Once they have those numbers at their disposal, they will then go about trying to figure out if you just want to make a loan on it or sell it and make you an offer based on what you want to do.
A lot of people ask if pawn shops buy routers and the answer depends on both the pawn shop at hand, as well as how new the router is that you are bringing in. That having been said, most pawn shops will buy routers that you bring into them.
Are Routers A Good Thing To Pawn
Oh yeah, routers are a great thing to pawn.
This is particularly true if you don’t use yours and it’s somewhat new and in good condition.
That having been said, router technology is moving just as fast as other electronics oriented technologies and because of that, you have to be realistic about what kind of router you have exactly.
There are some very expensive routers out there, and then some less expensive routers – the kind you find in Best Buy and Walmart typically.
If your router is just a few years old, and you bought it at one of these big box stores, it’s pretty certain that you won’t get a huge sum of money for it unfortunately.
It’s just the nature of technology and it seems that every 18 months or so, there is a new wifi network standard develop that is faster and more secure than the network protocols that it replaced.
When you have a wifi router that’s not equipped with this newest technology, the value of that router drops and quickly!
How To Get The Most For Your Router At A Pawn Shop
With that in mind, there are still some thing to make sure that you are going to get the highest possible offer when you take your router into the pawn shop.
First off all, just like anything else that you take into a pawn shop, you want to make sure it’s clean and looking as new as possible.
In the case of routers, this often means that you are going to have to clean fuzz and hair out of the ports and vents of the router itself.
Also, make sure that you remove any marks, but don’t submerge your router in water. Just use a Lysol or Clorox wipe on it and you should be fine.
The next big point is to have as much of the original factory stuff as you can.
In the case of routers, this means the software that came with it, the box and packaging if you have it, and without exception, the power cord.
If you don’t have the power cord for your router, you can just about forget trying to sell it to a pawn shop because they won’t be able to turn it on and make sure it works.
The Bottom Line
Routers, particularly newer wifi routers, can be a great thing to pawn at your local pawn shop.
That having been said, because the rate at which technology moves, they don’t hold their value well, so don’t expect to get a life-changing amount of money for one.
try to have as many of the various parts and pieces that come with your router when it was new and make sure it’s as clean as possible when you take it to the pawn shop. Doing these things should help ensure that you have a good amount of luck when trying to negotiate the best price possible for it.