Do Pawn Shops Buy PS3 Games, Pay How Much? ANSWER!

Brian McCracken


So do pawnshops by used PlayStation three games or not? The answer is that yes there often than not most pawn shops will buy used PlayStation games and on top of it they will pay you more for them than other retailers.
When it comes to use electronics items like video games and video game systems pawnshops love to take them in.
They are typically a great seller for pawnshops and like any good business pawnshops are there to make money.
Of course there are some things that you should know about selling your PlayStation games to a pawn shop.
For instance not all PlayStation three games will bring the same amount of money.
Just like anything else in the videogame industry there are some games that are more desirable than others.
The more desirable games will almost always bring more money than the less desirable games, or games they have been out for several years and that most people have forgotten about.
That’s not to say that these games don’t still have value. In fact pawnshops have the unique ability to find ways to sell games that you might not think they would.
It’s because of that reason that shops can often pay you more for your use PlayStation games then other retailers such as FYE or Gamestop.
How Much Do They Pay For PS3 Games?
Most pawn shops will be happy to buy your PS3 games and pay you well for them!
Well as we’ve already covered not all games are the same. Newer titles are obviously going to fetch a premium over older games.
But even if a game is older that doesn’t mean that it won’t bring a decent amount of money.
In fact there are some older games out there that are highly desirable to this day. There are large audiences of people that play these games online still and therefore a pawn shop can often sell those games easily.
A common example of this would be the call of duty series of first-person shooter games.
These games like so many others have large and active online communities of players who continue to play the games years after they were initially released. Any games like these that have equally active online communities to this day will often be more desirable to a pawn shop and therefore they will often be able to pay you more for them.
In comparison to a place like Gamestop, pawnshops will typically pay you at least a dollar or two more per game than the large nationally known retailers.
The reason for this is very simple really. To pawnshops, video games are just another part of their business where as with large game retailers buying and selling used games is their entire business. That means that they have to make all of their profit based on the sale of those use games.
But pawnshops don’t have that problem you see. When it comes to the pawn business they have all sorts of avenues through which they operate. Buying and selling video games just happens to be one of those things that they do in addition to all of the other services that they offer.
Tips To Get The Most For Your PS3 Games
If you want to get the most money for your used PS3 games at the pawnshop then there are some things that you should do.
For instance you want to have the case with you. Video games with cases are almost always worth more money than when they are missing their case. This is even more true when the case includes an insert of some sort.
Another thing that you should do is to make sure that the disc is clean and free of marks, scratches, fingerprints, or anything else that might impair the ability for the game system to read the desk.
By taking in a game that is complete and clean you will stand the best odds of getting the most money possible out of your PS3 game from your local pawn shop.