Do Pawn Shops Buy Metal Detectors – Answered! in 2017

Brian McCracken


If you want to know if pawn shops buy metal detectors, then this is the article that you’ve got to take a moment and read!
If you are asking yourself if pawn shops buy metal detectors, don’t worry, you’re not alone – not by a long shot.
To tell you the truth, I get asked if pawn shops buy metal detectors several times a week.
For whatever reason, they are a really popular item to pawn or sell to a pawn shop.
However, it’s not just loaning on or selling metal detectors to pawn shops that’s popular.
A lot of people also come into the pawn shops I’ve been in looking to buy metal detectors!
When a pawn shop has that kind of demand for an item, you had better believe that they are happy to make loans on them, or do what they can to try to buy them from you should you happen to bring one in.
This of course is great news for you if you are looking to sell a metal detector to a pawn shop.
When a pawn shop knows that they can pretty easily resell something, they are always going to be eager to get their hands on yours.
As the seller, that puts you in a very unique position of having more control of things than you might expect.
That having been said, just because you walked into a pawn shop with a metal detector doesn’t mean that they are going to throw piles of cash at you.
You’ve still got to do some things to make sure that you get the highest payout on your metal detector.
A lot of people have asked if pawn shops buy metal detectors and I’m happy to tell you that yes, in most cases, they absolutely will buy your metal detector!
How To Get The Most Money Possible When Selling A Metal Detector To A Pawn Shop
As previously discussed, most pawn shops are going to be happy to see you come through their doors with your metal detector.
That having been said, there’s some things that you can do to really put the odds in your favor in terms of getting the most money possible out of yours.
Make It Look As Close To New As Possible
Metal detectors spend a lot of time on beaches, in fields, and in some cases, dirt and mud.
With that in mind, they get sandy or dirty pretty quickly. So take a moment and clean yours up as well as possible.
You don’t have to wax it or anything crazy, but remove the major debris from it.
The idea is that if it looks pretty new and only lightly used, a pawn shop is likely to pay more for it because they know it will be easier for them to resell.
Charge It Or Put New Batteries In It
The next big thing that you will want to do is to be sure that you fully charge your metal detector if it uses rechargeable batteries.
If it just uses regular, replaceable batteries, then make sure you put fresh batteries in it before you take it into the pawn shop.
The reason being that they will want to be sure your metal detector works just as it should and that there are no problems with it.
If they can’t test yours out and make sure it works, your offer for it will be significantly lower than it would be otherwise, and they may not take it at all.
Bring In Any Documentation
Not all metal detectors are well marked with their brand names and models.
Therefore, if you have any of the documentation or original packaging for your metal detector, it’s never a bad idea to bring that with you.
That way a pawn shop will be able to quickly determine what you have exactly, evaluate it, and pay you the most possible for it.
If they have to guess at what make and model your metal detector is, it will negatively affect your offer, and in a big way.