Do Pawn Shops Buy Lawn Mowers – Answered!

Brian McCracken


There are a large number of pawn shops out there that will take in lawn mowers.
So here is a question that gets asked a lot during the winter months and it’s pretty easy to figure out why.
People will often want to know if pawn shops will take in things like lawn mowers.
Let’s face it, during the winter months, you just don’t need to use them, so they are sitting around and if you need to come up with some quick cash to cover bills, then making a loan against one just makes sense.
On top of it, lawn mowers aren’t exactly cheap in most cases.
Sure you can get a loan mower for $150 or something like that at Walmart, but there are some very expensive lawn mowers as well – such as those that you will typically find at places like The Home Depot or Lowes.
With that in mind, they do have value and I personally would consider them something that most pawn shops should really consider taking in.
However, there are some reasons that pawn shops don’t take lawn mowers as well and really they make sense.
Some pawn shops do accept lawn mowers but they will want to be sure that they work well. Because of that, make sure that you can demonstrate that your lawn mower runs perfectly when you take it into your local shop.
Why Wouldn’t A Pawn Shop Take A Lawn Mower In On Pawn
Well, now this is actually a much more straightforward question with a very reasonable answer.
First of all, lawn mowers can be tough to store – particularly if they are a riding mower. They just take up a lot of space and typically speaking, their loan value isn’t high enough to completely justify using that much storage space most of the time.
But with that in mind, there is also another problem.
Pawn shops will want you to be able to start and run the law mower before they take it in. They will want to make sure that it works and that will almost always mean that you have to have gasoline in it.
The problem with that is that a lot of fire departments really frown on lawn mowers or any power tools for that matter being stored in a pawn shop with gasoline still in them.
The reason is that if there is a fire at the pawn shop and the fire department heads in to try to put it out, all of those tools are like little bombs just waiting to go off. This presents a very dangerous scenario for fire department personnel.
Because of that, most cities really discourage power tools with gasoline from being stored in pawn shops in general.
How To Get The Most For Your Lawn Mower At A Pawn Shop
Moving ahead, let’s just assume that there is a pawn shop in your area that will take in law mowers.
In order to get the most money possible for your lawn mower, you should follow a few simple rules.
First of all, make sure that you do have some gasoline with you so that you can start and run the lawn mower for the pawn shop while they are checking it out.
Showing them that the mower work just like it should will definitely make them feel better about making you a loan on it.
Additionally, you should be sure to try to clean the tool off before you take it there. That may mean just wiping it down, or it may mean a full cleaning with some soap and water. It really just depends on how dirty your mower is because let’s just be honest, they do get dirty very quickly.
Lastly, if the mower has a bag for clippings, make sure that you take that with you as well.
It’s just one of those items that pawn shops will appreciate and will probably help you get the most money possible for yours when it comes time to sell or pawn it.