Do Pawn Shops Buy Ladders

Construction equipment and tools are something that a lot of pawn shops see and work with on a regular, routine basis. In fact, some pawn shops specialize in these items almost specifically depending on where they are located.

But what about ladders? Do pawn shops take them in?

Well, in some cases, pawn shops love to see ladders come through their doors. Particularly if the ladders are newer, tall, and in great shape.

In other cases, not so much.

Why Don’t All Pawn Shops Take Ladders

Ladders by their very nature take a lot of room to store. They are BIG!

In order for a pawn shop to store them, they need a lot of room on their shelves and in their storage area to accommodate these types of items.

The pawn shop has to account for them when they do inventory, store them safely so they aren’t damaged until people come back for them, and in the case of reselling them, have to have a retail area large enough to display them properly.

Tell Tale Signs Of A Pawn Shop That May Take Them

Tall ceilings first of all. A pawn shop will probably want to store them vertically, so if you see a pawn shop that appear to only have 10 foot ceilings, it’s a good sign that they may not like taking in ladders.

So look for larger pawn shops in general on this one.

Best Way To Find A Pawn Shop That Takes Ladders

The best way to find pawn shops that take ladders is simply by calling around.

Just google “Pawn shops near me” and start asking.

When you call however, be prepared to answer a few questions.

  • What’s it made out of?
  • How tall is it?
  • Do all of the safety catches work properly?
  • Is it missing anything?
  • Are you looking to sell it or just make a loan on it?

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Ladders

With ladders, some pawn shops may have very set prices, but since they aren’t something sold on eBay, you can typically expect about 10-20% of the ladder’s new retail value if it is in very good condition.

If it is in worse condition than normal, obviously that offer will likely be much less than you might initially expect.

If that seems low, keep in mind that ladders are a hard item to deal with. The storage and labor involved with holding them can be taxing for some pawn shops, so they don’t pay huge amounts for them.

How To Get The Most For Your Ladder At A Pawn Shop

Do what you can to clean it up.

Make sure you have all of the parts and that everything works properly.

Try to remove any tape or heavy debris that may currently be on the ladder and that doesn’t belong.

Following those three simple tips will definitely put you in a better position, but unlike vacuums, TVs, or other items, ladders are a bit in a league of their own on pricing just because of the labor involved with making loans on them.

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