Do Pawn Shops Buy Kindles – ANSWERED!`

Brian McCracken


In most cases, yes a pawn shop will take a Kindle in on loan or offer to buy it from you should you decide that you would like to sell it.
Pawn shops take in a large variety of merchandise. Typically speaking a pawn shop will take in just about anything of value.
But does that include Kindles? Will a pawn shop take a Kindle eReader or do they stay away from them?
That’s actually an interesting question because really, it is going to depend on the pawn shop in question more than anything else.
While most pawn shops should take them in, not all will.
You have to understand that there is no one black book of rules that all pawn shops follow and therefore it’s not possible to give you one answer that will suit every occasion.
You have to appreciate that pawn shops are owned by thousands of individual small business owners and they will all have their own ideas about what makes a good loan and what it is that they want their pawn shop to buy.
Further complicating this issue is that Kindles are typically less expensive then compared to other tablets like iPads, and therefore a pawn shop may not be as open to loaning on one simply from that perspective.
But, between us, I would think it would be pretty odd for them not to. Kindles do still have value on the second hand market and people are looking to buy them so from my vantage point, they seem like a good item for a pawn shop to accept.
With that in mind, I would say that you should be able to get a loan on your Kindle at a pawn shop and if you can’t, that pawn shop is more likely the exception than the rule.
When it comes to all of the things that pawn shops take in, one of thes things that we will often get asked about is if pawn shops buy kindles. The answer is that yes, in most cases pawn shops will buy Kindles but not every pawn shop will. You’ll have to check with the stores in your area.
How To Get The Most For Your Kindle
I assume that if you are going to a pawn shop to make a loan on your Kindle that you are going to want the most money possible for it.
That’s actually pretty easy to do overall.
Step 1: Clean it Up – You wan to make sure that you’ve cleaned your Kindle up and removed any large debris from it’s surface. A pawn shop is going to be less interested in a Kindle that has crumbs from this mornings breakfast dug into every crevice.
In addition, you want to remove any major marks that you can and reduce the appearance of scratches as much as possible.
Overall, the idea is to make you Kindle look as new as possible. This presents the image that if the pawn shop had to turn around and resell it in the future, that it will be considered in “Good condition” and therefore shouldn’t be difficult to sell.
Step 2: Have All The Parts – Really, when we are talking about a tablet or eReader like a Kindle, what this means is to be sure that you at least have the USB cord and wall plug with you when you take it into the pawn shop.
They don’t want to buy something that is incomplete and may not take it in at all if it is missing these two parts, so be sure to save yourself a potentially wasted trip and have them with you when you go.
Additionally, if you have anything that makes the Kindle look a little better, like a leather cover or something along those lines, take that with you as well. If you still have the original packaging and it is in good condition, definitely take that because that can make a big difference!