Do Pawn Shops Buy Keyboards – SOLVED!

Brian McCracken


In most cases pawn shops will offer to buy your keyboard if you want to sell it.
When it comes to musical instruments, they are often something that most pawnshops are happy to see come in their door.
With that having been said, how do pawn shops feel about keyboards?
Are keyboard something that most pawnshops will buy or is it something that they normally try to avoid?
That’s a very good question and the reason is is that is not entirely easy to answer at first glance.
One of the problems is that not all pawn shops take musical instruments to begin with.
Another problem is is that even when a pawn shop does regularly deal with musical instruments, they may not be fond of dealing with keyboards specifically.
The reason for this is that not all keyboards work properly over the course of their lives. They are prone to functions not working or keys going out it seems.
This makes them a reliability concern, and that’s something that most pawnshops just don’t want to get involved with if they can all avoid it.
Keeping that in mind though, there are a lot of pawn shops that will be happy to work with you on your keyboard.
Now that may mean that they are happy to make you a loan against it, or that they are happy to buy it off you should you want to sell it. The trick though is finding those out there that will.
In most cases a pawn shop will buy your keyboard if you are looking to sell it. That having been said, there are plenty of pawn shops out there that don’t buy them at all so you’ve got to be careful where you go.
How To Find A Pawn Shop That Deals With Keyboards
This is going to be one of those things that might be easier said then done, but here is a quick and dirty way to figure out which pawn shop in your area deal with keyboards.
The fist thing that you should do it go to and search the phrase “Local Pawn Shops” or “Pawn Shops Near Me.”
Google will return a list of pawn shop in your area, along with their phone numbers and addresses.
You will want to go through this list one-by-one, calling each store and asking them if they deal with keyboards. If they do, be sure to ask them what you should bring with you in order to make a loan or sell them a keyboard outright.
In most states, that will simply mean that you need to have your driver’s license with you, but because laws vary across the nation, it’s good to ask them while they are on the phone with you.
How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Keyboards
This is going to be much like anything else in pawn shops. They are going to look up the make and model of your keyboard and then determine what the average used selling price of that item is.
They will do this by consulting a site like eBay or Amazon, where used merchandise is typically sold.
They will take an average number of what items like yours have sold for in similar condition and completeness and make you and offer that is around 40-60% of that price.
In the end, how much a keyboard will get at a pawn shop is largely going to depend on how much they sell for in other places when they are used.
The Nerd’s Opinion
Keyboards are a little hit and miss with pawn shops. There are a lot of keyboards that come into the stores that I’ve worked with that just don’t work like they should.
I know I’m not alone in this experience and because of that a lot of pawn brokers really don’t like working with them if they can avoid it.
However, don’t let that discourage you completely. I’m sure that if you follow the advice above you will be able to find a pawn broker in your area that will be able to either make you a loan on your keyboard or offer to buy it from you outright.