Do Pawn Shops Buy Keurigs – The Surprising Truth!

Brian McCracken


There are a lot of different things that pawn shops take in on a very regular basis.
That having been said, things like kitchen appliances aren’t always the most common items in pawn shops, and for a lot of reasons to be honest.
That’s not to say that pawn shops won’t take them in, just the opposite is normally true actually.
It’s just the types of appliances that pawn shops are willing to take and that will largely very.
Something like a Keurig however is an item that a lot of pawnshops have absolutely no problem accepting either for a loan or as a sale.
You see, cleaning Keurigs is easy, as well as the general maintenance for a curate being low – which makes them a little different then most kitchen appliances.
On top of it a lot of people want Keurigs. They are very popular coffee machine right now and therefore have a very high demand. Anything with a high demand is probably going to be attractive to pawn shops and that’s why so many pawn shops will take them in.
On top of it there’s not a whole lot of risk or worry about any kind of gross foods off being left in a Keurig. It’s really just something that you towel off for the most part.
In most cases pawn shops are very happy to see something like a Keurig come through their doors. Keurigs are in relatively high demand and are easy for pawn shops to resell. Therefore a pawn shops knows that if they make a loan on a Keurig or buy it outright that they are going to have no problem getting their money back.
So you want to take your Keurig into a pawn shop? Well the good news is that this process will typically be pretty easy.
The first thing that you should really do is make sure that your Keurig is clean as possible.
What that means is to be sure that you wipe down the outside of the machine, clean any coffee grounds that may have developed inside of the cup holder, as well as cleaning the water tank itself.
Make sure that you have all the parts and pieces that go to your Keurig when you take it down to the pawn shop.
For instance something as simple as missing the lid to the water tank can greatly affect the value of your Keurig. This is because a pawn shop will have to pay to replace that water tank cap should and when they have to resell it at a later point in time.
How Much Will You Get For Your Keurig At A Pawn Shop
That is going to be a very difficult question for me to answer honestly because this article would constantly have be updated with every new model that is released.
Since that is not really reasonable what we’re going to do is take another approach with this – Keurigs typically will follow the ‘Golden Rule’ on value.
You can safely assume that you will get approximately 40 to 60% of what the current used sale price for your model Keurig is on a site like
More often than not this is going to be wary pawnshop resells your item, so this is the price that they will use to base their offer to you on.
Sometimes a pawn shop will be able to sell something like a Keurig in their retail space, but it’s not that often since it’s just not an item that a lot of people go into pawn shops looking for to be honest.