Do Pawn Shops Buy Hand Tools (Sockets/Wrenches) – Solved!

Brian McCracken


Okay so let’s try and get the bottom line of this question. Do pawn shops buy hand tools such as sockets, ratchets, or wrenches?
Ultimately this is a really good question and for a variety of reasons. Let’s dig into it a bit and you’ll understand why.
First will you have to appreciate the not all pawn shops operate the same way. There isn’t one ‘Black Book” or a set of rules that shops follow when determining what types of items that they will accept or take in at their stores.
Because of that you will often find that pawn shops will take in all sorts of different kinds of merchandise from location to location as each owner will have their own opinion on what they want to take into their stores.
If a pawn shop doesn’t commonly deal with tools, then they won’t be very likely to take yours. However, if they work with tools all of the time then it’s no problem.
I will tell you this though, almost every pawn shop that I know of does deal with tools…
Now that may mean power tools, but it most typically also means hand tools such as sockets, ratchets, and wrenches. This is particularly true when the hand tools are a respectable name brands.
Yes, most pawn shops will accept your hand tools, particularly if they are better brands names like Snap On, SK, Blue Point, etc. Just like anything else, pawn shops appreciate in the tools are complete and in good working condition.
What Is A Respectable Name Brand Hand Tool
This is another question that I get asked quite frequently when somebody wants to pawn some handtools.
What this will typically means is that the hand tool is going to have significant value even though it’s used. Just like anything else the more expensive something is when you buy a new the more likely it is that ill will retain its value when it’s used.
In the case of tools, the most common factor that is often looked at is durability.
Because of this, the most respectable name brands are often going to be Snap On, Matco, Blue Point, and brands of that nature. You might also consider SK tools, Craftsman, and some Husky tools.
Typically speaking any tools that you could buy at a store like Walmart will not meet this criteria and won’t be accepted, or if they are. they won’t bring a significant amount of money.
If you want to get the most money possible out of your hand tools at a pawn shop then you will want to follow a few simple rules.
The first rule is to make sure that your toolset is complete. That means if you are taking in a socket set that you make sure that all of the sockets and ratchets are in the set when you take it into the pawn shop.
While yes, it is common to lose a socket here and there, missing the sockets can greatly and negatively impact the value of your toolset at a pawn shop.
You have to understand that when it comes to a pawn shop they look at things as if they might have to resell them one day. Nobody really wants to go out of their way to replace individual sockets nor do they want to buy a socket set that is incomplete.
This same principle goes for things like wrench sets or plier sex. Missing parts and pieces can greatly and negatively impact the value of those items.
Is There Anything Else You Should Know About Pawning Hand Tools
Yes you should be aware that if your hand tools have owner’s marks send them (your initials marked/engraved in your tools) this can negatively impact the value of your tools at almost any pawnshop.
Just like nobody wants to buy a socket set that is missing parts, nobody wants to buy tools that have somebody else’s initials in them.
Additionally if your tools are covered in grease or mud, this will also very negatively impact the value of your tools at a pawn shop. That’s why it is so extremely important to be sure to clean your tools before you take them into the pawn shop.
The idea is to have your tools look as good as possible when you present them at a pawn shop.