Do Pawn Shops Buy Formal Dresses – FINALLY ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


I know, I know – if you have read this blog for any length of time then we have already talked about how some pawn shops just will not deal with clothing and apparel.
It’s true, they won’t and for a lot of good reasons really but most often it’s simply because they can be very difficult to sell.
That having been said, when it comes to something like a formal dress, things change a little bit because of the most obvious reason to be honest.
Formal dresses are expensive! Especially if you are talking about a formal dress that was made by a well known designer. They can carry a huge amount of value, so much in fact that you might really be surprised if you have never looked into them.
So with that in mind, you might begin to understand why a pawn shop would consider making a loan against or just outright buying a formal dress from someone.
After all, they can be worth a lot of money and as long as they are modern and recent designs, there is a very good chance that a pawn shop will probably do what it can to help you with yours.
Much to some people’s surprise, there are plenty of pawn shops out there that would be happy to look at your formal dress and consider either buying it from you or making you a loan against it.
Of course, we need this little pawn shop disclaimer…
Now, I’ve just spent a minute really working up the idea that you might be able to get a good price for your formal dress at a pawn shop and the truth is that is very much the case!
Now with that in mind, it is also true that not all pawn shops take in formal dresses and some will just flat out refuse to have anything to do with it.
It’s nothing personal and there’s nothing wrong with your dress if you find this to be the case but what you’ve got to understand is that pawn shops aren’t like McDonald’s where every shop operates the exact same way.
Pawn shops in general are owned by individual, small business owners that do things their own way and it’s for that reason that you can’t always expect every pawn shop to jump at the opportunity to buy your dress from you.
But take it from me, the smart ones who understand the value you have in hand will do what they can to take that dress off your hands.
How To Get The Most For Your Dress At A Pawn Shop
So now lets just get to the real issue that you probably want to know and are the most interested in. How do you get the most money for your dress out of a pawn shop.
Well, there’s going to be a little common sense here – but believe me – after years in this industry I can tell you that some people don’t think about these things and a little common sense can go a long ways.
You’ve got to remember that if a pawn shop is going to buy your dress, they likely are not buying it for themselves – they are going to want to resell it as quickly and easily as possible.
So with that in mind you should have all of the information available about your dress on hand when you walk into the shop.
If it was made by a well known or famous designer, you should know their name, the style name of the dress, all of the measurements of the dress, the exact color name, etc.
All of this information will be important to the pawn shop when trying to determine a value for it and figuring out just how easy or difficult it would be for them to sell it.
The next thing that you should be sure that you do is to either have any stains removed, damaged fixed, etc. This is just like anything else that you might pawn in that you want it to be in the best condition possible when you present it to the pawn shop. However, dresses are unique in this case since any defects can create a costly expense that can be a real question mark for a pawn broker.
There’s really not too much other than those two main points that you need to keep in mind when you are taking your formal dress to the pawn shop to try to sell. If you have all of the information and the dress is in good condition, you will stand the best chance possible of getting the most out of it that you can.