Do Pawn Shops Buy Football Jerseys – The Simple Answer

Brian McCracken


A lot of people have asked if pawn shops buy football jerseys. Let’s find out in this article..;.
I get calls constantly from customers looking to sell all sorts few sports memorabilia. Sometimes it’s baseballs that have been autographed, sometimes it’s cards, plaques, and sometimes, it’s football jerseys.
The bottom line is that not all pawn shops operate the same way. There is no single black book of rules that all pawn shops will follow.
Because of that, it’s hard for me to tell you with complete certainty that “Yes, a pawn shop near you will take in football jerseys.” It’s just not something that I could accurately say with 100% certainty and have that apply nationwide, to every pawn shop out there.
Keeping this in mind, I would venture to say that there are a lot of pawn shops out there that will be happy to look at and possibly buy or make you a loan on your football jersey.
Now, let’s be realistic here. I don’t care how open they are to new or unique merchandise, pawn shops aren’t going to just take in any and every football jersey that walks through their door.
You won’t be able to just go to Walmart and buy some new, easy to get jersey and take it to a pawn shop and expect to get a loan. That’s not going to fly.
A lot of people ask if pawn shops buy football jerseys and if it is something collectible, often times they will.
What Kind Of Football Jerseys Would Pawn Shops Be Interested In
When it comes to the kind of football jerseys that pawn shops would consider taking in, typically, they are going to be looking at one of two things.
How Old Is It – Sometimes a football jersey that is authentic and maybe even worn in a game, but has nothing else special going on for it is, for a lack of better word, cool.
Real hardcore football fans would potentially be interested in owning something like that just based on vintage or the name on the back of the jersey and in these cases, you may find that a pawn shop is willing to buy it from you or offer to make you a loan on it.
Is It Collectible, Autographed, And Authenticated – If a football jersey has been signed by the athlete that wore it, the coach, or someone else associated with the team of some significance, then it may be worth a good amount of money to the right collector.
There is a catch of course, as there always is it seems.
The jersey in question has to be in good condition, with the signature not faded, damaged, or otherwise negatively affected. Additionally, just being signed isn’t good enough.
Why not? Well, as good as pawnbrokers might be at authenticating diamonds, precious metals and the like – authenticating autographs is far more difficult.
It’s a specialized knowledge that is often hard to truly verify. In most cases, the authenticated and certified football jerseys out there are certified because someone from the organization that has issued the certification actually witnessed the signature by the athlete in question.
If you have a football jersey that has an autograph on it, but isn’t authenticated, you’re going to have a hard time convincing a pawn shop that it is legitimate.
It’s not because they think you are a bad person or up to no good. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people come into pawn shops a represent items as something they aren’t all the time, whether it’s counterfeit gold, diamonds, or in this case, football jerseys.
In Conclusion
Some pawn shops will take football jerseys, but not all.
In order for them to consider it, it will either have to be old and in very good, collectible condition or be autographed and authenticated by a respected organization.
If the autograph is authenticated, but damaged, or the jersey itself is in poor condition, the pawn shop may not take it in as collectibles go under a significant amount of scrutiny.