Do Pawn Shops Buy Dishes – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


Are Dishes Something That Pawn Shops Will Take In?
Okay, here is one of those questions about pawn shops that I really don’t get asked all that often. Yet, I found it rather interesting, so let’s give it an answer.
Do pawn shops buy dishes?
The bottom line is this, pawn shops are probably going to be willing to buy almost anything that has any kind of significant value.
So with that in mind, let’s talk about dishes.
Typically speaking, dishes are not worth all that much money. After all you can buy dishes virtually anywhere, including dollar stores.
What this ultimately means is that most of the dishes that are out there, or dishes that people that might commonly have, aren’t going to be all that valuable in a pawn shop’s eyes.
On top of that, there won’t be a whole lot of demand for your common household dishes. Particularly when they are used, or are older designs and patterns.
That having been said, there are some types of dishes that pawn shops may consider buying or making a loan on.
Do pawn shops buy dishes? The answer will depend on the quality, condition and value of your dishes. Pawn shops may actually be willing to buy rare and collectible dishware.
What Are Some Of The Types Of Dishes That Pawn Shops Might Consider Buying
When it comes to dishes or kitchenware that pawn shops might consider buying or taking in and making a loan against, we are typically only going to be talking about higher end or designer items.
The only real exception to that would be solid silver silverware. That of course has value as a precious metal that is separate from its potential value as a fine dining item.
One thing that you have to keep in mind is that just because something is ‘China,’ does not mean that it is the type of china that will hold significant value.
This day and age there are all sorts of household products that are made in China. Because of this they will often have the word ‘China’ written on them.
Sadly, many people mistake this for meaning that the items hold some kind of special value.
That is just not the case very often. For ‘China’ to be really significant, it is normally going to be extremely fine dining item, made by desirable designers, and have real collectible value.
What You Can Do To Get The Most For Your Dishes At A Pawn Shop
If you do happen to have dishes that have significant collector value then there are some things that you should do upfront to make sure that you can get the most money possible for them at a pawn shop.
For instance, if you have a collectible set of plates, you should be able to tell the pawn shop exactly who made them, what set or series there are from, and if there are any missing pieces.
When it comes to things like collectible plate sets, they will often come with special holders. You should definitely have those holders with you when you take them into the pawn shop.
For instance, this can also mean display racks. Collectible plate sets will usually have some form of display rack that can be mounted on a wall.
Make sure that you wrap your plates with some kind of padded material. While paper towels can work for this in a pinch, it is often best to have some kind of cotton wrapping for them.
If you follow these simple steps you should have a good experience at your local pawn shop when you go to sell them your plates.