Do Pawn Shops Buy Digital Cameras – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


Are digital cameras something that pawn shops will buy?
So, here’s one of those questions I’ll get occasionally and the answer is actually pretty simple.
In most cases, pawn shops will buy digital cameras.
That is not always the case of course, because you have to keep in mind that not all pawn shops are the same.
You have to understand that pawn shops are not like big box stores such as Target or Walmart.
In those stores, they all follow the same rules compan wide. Pawn shops however are owned by small individual business owners that each have their own ideas about what are good items to take in versus what are not.
Additionally, not all pawn shops want to deal with electronics for whatever reason. This is something I’ve never really understood since consumer electronics typically have high demand and most people are happy to buy them at a good price.
But it’s also for that exact same reason that so many pawn shops are absolutely happy to deal with things like digital cameras.
They are most easily sold in stores; however, pawn shops can also get rid of them on sites like eBay and Amazon fairly easily.
Have an extra digital camera sitting around? You might be wondering if pawn shops buy digital cameras. As it turns out, many pawn shops do take in digital cameras.
How To Get The Most For Your Digital Camera At A Pawn Shop
If you want to get the most money as possible for your digital camera at a pawn shop, there are some very simple rules that you should follow.
The first thing you want to do is make sure that your digital camera is as presentable as possible. That will typically be just wiping down the camera with a moist towel.
Whatever you do, don’t submerge the camera in water. Also, don’t soak it down while attempting to clean it.
The idea is just to remove any heavy debris that may have accumulated on it during its use.
The next thing you want to do is make sure that you have all the accessories available for the camera that originally came with it when it was purchased new. If you’re missing some accessories, this will negatively impact its value.
What this typically means is things like the battery charger, USB cord, SD card, and a case if it came with one when it was originally purchased.
Having these things with you will make a much stronger case for you to get the maximum amount of money possible for your digital camera when you pawn it.
Lastly, you want to make sure that your camera is fully charged, or has new batteries in it, so that the camera can be shown to work properly.
When it comes to consumer electronics, pawn shops are very careful to make sure that they work properly when they take them in.
If your digital camera is not charged properly, or does not have batteries to work properly, a pawn shop is much less likely to take it at all.
You have to keep in mind a pawn shop is not looking to take in items that don’t work. They only want to deal with merchandise that works as it was intended. That way, they will easily be able to resell them in the future should they have to.
Are There Any Other Rules That You Should Know Before Pawning Your Digital Camera
The only other thing that I might suggest you do is to delete any pictures off of your camera’s memory card.
That of course doesn’t mean you have to lose the pictures forever, but rather that you move them to your computer’s hard drive.
That way, if the pawn shop has to turn around and resell the camera one day, there is no chance that some stranger will have whatever pictures you have taken with that camera.