Do Pawn Shops Buy Cubic Zirconia – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


So you want to know if a pawn shop will buy your cubic zirconia? No. The answer is no, it’s worthless. just stop.
This is one of those questions that I don’t often get asked directly. It’s normally an answer that comes out when someone actually tries to pawn or sell cubic zirconia, whether they know that it’s cubic zirconia or not.
The bottom line is this. When it comes to cubic zirconia, it very rarely is every put in real gold jewelry and if the item itself isn’t gold, then there is a really slim chance that anyone will take it in.
You see, when it comes to fake stones, cubic zirconia is considered the armpit of them all. It’s cheap, looks horrible, in every dime-store ring and cracker-jack box piece of junk jewelry out there…. nobody likes them.
There are actually much better fake stones out there than cubic zirconia but cubic zirconia is actually disdained if you will.
Am I being a little harsh about this? Well, maybe. But it really is worthless and nobody that I know of actually wants cubic zirconia unless they are really afraid of having whatever item that the cubic zirconia is in stolen at some point.
For instance, when ladies travel to Las Vegas, which is known for its hotel room break ins, they will often wear cubic zirconia filled jewelry, but simply because it really has no value to speak of, which speaks directly to the heart of this issue. That is that pawn shops don’t want to deal with it because of it’s lack of value.
Will a pawn shop buy cubic zirconia? Probably not. To be honest, I’m not very nice in this article and that’s because of the number of people that scream at pawn brokers insisting that their cubic zirconia is diamond when it’s really not and has no value. Don’t try to pawn cubic zirconia…
What Can You Do With Cubic Zirconia
Well, I’m going to write this not as seriously as I can, but you will have to understand just how little I care for the material and cubic zirconia containing jewelry. You’ve been warned.
The first thing that you can try doing is if the item looks nice and is in really good condition, consider putting it on craigslist or offerup for local sale.
You may be able to get $5-$15 out of the item if it looks really good, particularly from one of those previously mentioned ladies that may be traveling out of town and need to having something that they don’t have to worry about having stolen should their room get broken into.
Following that, you can do what we do with fake stones and semi-precious stones, but you won’t get any money out of this deal if you do.
We remove them all (which you can do with pliers or snips) and put them in your fish tank or flower vase. They look really nice, particularly if the fish tank has nice, bright LED bulbs or the vase in is direct sunlight.
Obviously, don’t put them in a vase that has dirt in it or that isn’t see-through. I’m talking about a clear vase that you can see the bottom of the flower stems through.
Of course, if you do either one of these things, make sure that you clean the stones well so that you don’t contaminate the fish tank or the water that the flower is in.
See, you didn’t expect to get a “Better Homes & Gardens” craft idea out of this, now did you? You’re welcome… it’s free of charge so long as you don’t take your cubic zirconia junk to a pawn shop. No pawn broker deserves to be confronted with that situation yet again…