Do Pawn Shops Buy Hair Clippers – Mystery SOLVED!

Mandy Dormain


Of all the things to pawn shops take in one of the very few things I hear often asked about our hair clippers.
I’m not really sure why that is to be honest with you. Hair clippers can be extremely expensive if you have a quality pair, or pair that it professional hairdresser might use for their job.
That having been said there are plenty of low-cost and budget hair clippers out there on the market that you can buy – particularly those found it places like Walmart or Target for instance. Pawn shops won’t be so interested in those of course.
That having been said hair clippers are like a socket wrench to a mechanic for a hairdresser.
Hairdressers are going to take their hair clippers very seriously, maintain them well, and normally buy the highest quality set that they can reasonably afford.
Now I know what you might be thinking. Are hair clippers really that expensive?
The fact of the matter is that yes hair clippers can be extraordinarily expensive in some cases.
In fact I have seen hair clippers go for over $1000. That was certainly surprising to me when I first started looking into whether we could pawn hair clippers are pawn shops or not, but this is a market for them and they can be worth quite a bit of money.
So that having been sad not all pawn shops will deal with them unfortunately.
You might think that hair clippers would be a strange thing to pawn and you would be right but in fact, there are plenty of pawn shops that will accept or buy your hair clippers.
What You Have To Know About Pawning Hair Clippers
Hair clippers are no different than any other item that you might consider taking it to a pawn shop to make a loan against or selling outright.
Just like everything else there are going to be some better brands, higher end models, and accessories that you might want to consider having when attempting to make a loan against your hair clippers.
Something that you should really consider when attempting to pawn your set of hair clippers is that pawn shops may be a little leary of dealing with them since they are often considered a personal grooming device.
Because of that, make sure that you take extra care in cleaning them thoroughly before you take them into the pawn shop. A pawnbroker is going to be much less interested in dealing with your hair clippers if they are full of hair and gunk from previous haircuts that haven’t been cleaned in god knows how long.
But with that having been said there are some things that you can do to put the odds in your favor of getting the most for your hair clippers possible.
Tips For Pawning Hair Clippers
Let’s talk about some things that you can do to give yourself the best odds of getting the most money possible for your hair clippers when you take them to your local pawn shop.
The first thing that you should do is something that we have already discussed. That would be to make sure that your haircut clippers are perfectly clean, well maintained, and are free from any significant hair trimmings, mess, dirt, or other debris that may have accumulated on them throughout the years of their use.
You’ve got to keep in mind that a pawnbroker is going to look at your hair clippers and wonder how they are going to sell them should they need to.
The second thing that you can consider doing to putting the odds in your favor is making sure that you have all the accessories that would normally come with your set of hair clippers. This can often mean things like the guards, the brush, any oils or cleaning solutions that may have come with the hair clippers, and of course the carrying case that should have come with it.
Pawn shops are interested in selling complete items because they know that items that have all the parts and accessories are much more easy to sell. Hair clippers are no exception to that rule so take care and making sure that you have all the parts and pieces necessary, or at least as many as you can find at this point in time.
The third thing that you can consider doing is bringing any kind of documentation or receipts for either new blades or service that was done to the existing blades to sharpen them.
Like all things hair clippers will also wear with you in time. One of the most common things to go on hair clippers are the blades themselves.
If you can document that you’ve had the service done to your hair clippers then you might stand a much better chance of borrowing more money against them.
Following these rules should ensure that you have the best experience possible when attempting to make a loan against your hair clippers, or just sell them out right to your local pawn shop.






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