Do Pawn Shops Buy Bluetooth Speakers – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


So there you are, in need of a little quick cash to get you through a rough moment or patch in time. You’re looking for something to pawn and sell and then you see them, your new bluetooth speakers.
But here’s the question… Do Pawn Shops Take Bluetooth Speakers?
Well, as much as I would just love to give you a one size fits all answer that completely satisfied everyone on the topic, the fact of the matter is that not all pawn shops operate in the exact same way.
You see, pawn shops are typically small business that are operated by many small independent operators and each of these operators (or pawn brokers) will have their own rules and policies as to what it is that they will accept to take in.
That having been said, virtually every pawn shop that I’ve visited or worked with over the years will accept bluetooth speakers for a loan or if you are just selling them outright.
But with that in mind, let’s be honest for a moment when it comes to items like bluetooth speakers.
If you are asking yourself if pawn shops buy bluetooth speakers then answer is that in many cases, yes pawn shops will buy your bluetooth speakers and for good money.
Pawning Bluetooth Speakers
Just like any other consumer electronics item out there, bluetooth speakers are often copied and there are plenty of cheap, inferior products out there on the market.
Just a quick search on eBay will show you how many sets of $5 bluetooth speakers there are on the market that people can buy and basically waste their money on.
Now there’s nothing wrong with buying these super cheap speakers if you just need it from something casual and aren’t concerned with things like durability, sound quality or compatibility.
That having been said, if you happen to have some of these uber-cheap speakers, it’s going to be a pretty tough sell to get a pawn shop to buy them. If they can go on eBay and buy the same set, brand new for $5 why would they buy yours and if they did, how much would they pay you? Probably not much at all is the answer.
That having been said, if you have a higher end set of bluetooth speakers, something made by a name brand company like Sony or Beats for instance, then there is a good chance that your local pawn shop will be happy to work with you on either selling them or making a loan against them so that you can come back and get them at a later point in time.
Which route you go is of course up to you, but the fact of the matter is that the better the speakers are, the more flexibility you are going to have when working with your local pawn broker on them.
How Much Will Pawn Shops Pay For Bluetooth Speakers
Well, these are going to be just like every other type of consumer electronics item that comes into the store in that the pawn shop will definitely do a few things to determine an actual value for your items.
First, they are going to want to make sure that everything works just like it should. That will be the first and most critical step in the process. If the pawn shop can’t determine that your speakers work properly, they probably won’t take them in for a loan or in as a sale.
Next on the list is that they are going to look the speakers up on a site like eBay to see what used speakers just like your have sold for in the past. This will give them a reasonable idea of what they will be able to get out of the speakers if and when they have to turn around and sell them, unless you are making a loan against them, in which case hopefully you will be able to come back and get them at a later point in time.
Once they have determined a reasonable used value for your speakers, they will then typically offer you between 40-60% of the auction prices that they saw. This is a pretty common and fair value overall considering all of the work that they may have to go through to sell them if they are put into that position down the road.
Tips For Pawning Bluetooth Speakers
When it comes to actually pawning or selling bluetooth speakers, there are some tips that you should follow to help make sure that you get the most money possible for them.
Have Them Charged & Ready – Many bluetooth speakers are known for being completely wireless and portable and are designed to be charged and carried with you. As such you will want to make sure that yours are also charged up if this applies to you so that the pawn shop will be able to determine that they work properly.
Clean The Up – This is self explanatory but make sure that the speakers are cleaned up and free of any major marks as this can negative impact your pawn or sale value.
Have All Of The Parts – This touches on the first point, that if the speakers are meant to be charged and carried with you, be sure that you have the power cord or adapter. It can be expensive and difficult to find parts like these at times and the pawn shop may not accept your speakers without them so it’s best to have it ready to go right from the start.
Following these tips will hopefully ensure that you have the best success when pawning or selling your bluetooth speakers to your local pawn shop.