Do Pawn Shops Buy Blu Rays – GET YOUR ANSWER!

Brian McCracken


So there you are, you need a little extra cash to make ends meet or pay some kind of emergency expense that came up.
You may not have many options but one of the options available to you is to use a pawn shop to get the extra money you need.
But what do you have to pawn? What can you give or sell to a pawn shop to come up with that extra money that you need?
Well, have you ever thought about your Blu-rays? But do pawn shops really take in Blu-rays?
I’m happy to report that most pawn shops will in fact take in Blu-rays.
Whether you are just making a loan against your Blu-rays or selling them, most pawn shops will be happy to work with you.
That having been said, not all pawn shops will deal with consumer electronics such as Blu-rays.
This is something that is up to the individual pawn owner in question as each individual pawnbroker has their own idea about what is good for them to make a loan on or to buy versus what is not.
That having been said, I would say that typically speaking, 80% or greater of the pawnbrokers across the nation will work with you on Blu-rays.
Need some fast cash? Perhaps you are wondering what items you can sell or pawn. You might even ask, do Pawn shops buy Blu-rays? Luckily, almost all pawn shops are willing to work with Blu-ray players and Blu-ray discs.
Blu-ray Movies
When you go to take Blu-ray movies into a pawn shop, there are some things that you will want to do to make sure that you get the most money as possible.
The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that the disc is clean and free from any major debris.
The pawn shop will probably want to test the Blu-ray to make sure that it plays properly. This is a common practice, and is something that almost all pawn shops do.
They just want to make sure that the movies they are taking in will perform properly for the next owner should they have to sell them.
The second thing that you want to do is make sure that you have the case and insert available with you when you take the Blu-ray movie into the pawn shop.
Not having the case available can hurt the potential loan or buy value of the Blu-ray.
Blu-ray Players
Most pawn shops will also deal with Blu-ray players on a regular basis.
How much you can get for your Blu-ray player is going to depend on a variety of things such as the make and model, features of the Blu-ray player, if you have the remote or not, and the Blu-ray player’s overall condition.
What that means of course is that your Blu-ray player should be as clean and shiny as possible when you take it in to the pawn shop.
Presenting it in the best possible light will get you the most amount of money that you can expect to get.
Additionally, make sure that you have the power cord and remote with you. Pawn shops also expect these two items to come in with a Blu-ray player so that they can verify the item works and that it is complete as it was originally purchased from the store.
If you don’t happen to have an HDMI cable with you, that is not the end of the world, however it is always a bonus to include one.
As long as your item is complete, works well, and is in good condition you should expect a very fair offer for your Blu-ray player from the pawn shop.
The Nerd’s Opinion
Something to keep in mind when pawning Blu-rays and Blu-ray players is that they are only becoming more common as time goes on.
Because of that, the cost of these items is going down constantly. Therefore the amount that you will be able to borrow from a pawn shop is also decreasing slowly.
This isn’t something like gold jewelry that you can expect to get a large sum of money for. It’s not that Blu-ray players are not valuable, it’s just that almost everyone has one now.
That having been said, when you’re in a pinch, a Blu-ray player or a Blu-ray movie is a great thing to pawn.