Do Pawn Shops Buy Baseball Gloves – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


Will Pawn Shops Accept Baseball Gloves?
Okay here’s a little bit of a niche question that just kind of intrigued me. So, I decided I’d give it a shot and answer it.
Do pawn shops buy baseball gloves?
Now as I’ve said many times before, you can’t really give any one answer that’s going to apply to every pawn shop across the country.
Yet, keep in mind that these are not big box stores like Walmart for instance.
Pawn shops are owned by thousands of small individual business owners that each have their own idea about what is good for a pawn shop to take in versus what isn’t.
So with all of that in mind, just understand that the answer I give you is only going to apply to a certain number of pawn shops.
Specifically, when it comes to baseball gloves, let’s think about what we’re talking about here.
Baseball gloves are pretty common, they can be purchased at just about any sporting good store, and there are a variety of sizes and factors involved with baseball gloves that you have to keep in mind.
Because of this they are both relatively inexpensive and have specific fitting needs that will apply to prospective buyers of a used baseball glove.
Generally speaking, that really doesn’t make them all that desirable to pawn shops. That’s not to say that no pawn shop will take them, and of course, there are going to be some that will be happy to work with you on a baseball glove.
So, you’re cleaning out your attic, or perhaps your garage, and discover a baseball glove. The thought might cross your mind to find out if pawn shops will buy baseball gloves. Actually, they might, but don’t get your hopes up just yet…
So How Much Can You Expect To Get For A Baseball Glove
Now that’s a much better question.
As we’ve already discussed above, they are relatively inexpensive when brand new, and it’s not an item were one-size-fits-all such as a Blu Ray player.
With that in mind, it will only depend on the condition of your baseball glove. Of course, the other factor will be its brand name and overall desirability.
There are some baseball gloves that are higher and more expensive, of course, but that’s not going to be the majority of them.
Honestly, you should probably expect to get somewhere between $5 and $20 for an average baseball glove. This of course will change depending on the condition of your glove, the time of year, and if you’re getting a loan against the glove or if you’re selling it outright.
Obviously, if you are selling the baseball glove, it is in excellent condition and you happen to be doing this during the summer months, you may expect to get a little bit more for it.
Unfortunately, if you are loaning on the baseball glove, it’s a little roughed up, and it happens to be in the winter, then you probably shouldn’t expect to get too much for it.
The Nerds Opinion
I really hate to be so cut and dry with an issue. That having been said, we really have to be realistic about what we’re talking about here.
It’s not as if baseball gloves are an extremely desirable item. People rarely spend months and years looking for just the right one.
Typically speaking, parents are going to go into just about any sporting good store, or even Walmart, just to find a glove that fits their child.
It’s not one of those items that people spend a lot of time thinking about, a lot of time shopping for and therefore, you can not expect a lot of demand for one in a pawn shop.
Pawn shops know this. Therefore, they’re not going to offer too much for them.