Do Pawn Shops Buy Barbie Dolls – ANSWERED!!

Brian McCracken


Pawn shops tend to deal with a lot of things, many different types of merchandise, collectibles, and all sorts of various items that you might not normally imagine.
When it comes to one of the stranger things that you might find in a pawn shop, Barbie dolls are right up there among the highest on the list of all the things that you might not normally expect to see.
The fact of the matter is is that Barbie dolls can be a very collectible item to some people.
Because of their collectability some Barbie dolls actually have quite a bit of value to them.
Surprisingly some Barbie dolls can go for as much as thousands of dollars on the open market if you look around hard enough for them.
Are you shocked? Don’t worry I was too when I first found this out.
The fact the matter is is that people collect all sorts of strange things, and when it comes to toys there are very few things more collectible than Barbie doll.
So let’s talk about what it’s like to try to pawn your Barbie doll.
Of all of the things that pawn shops buy or take in, Barbie dolls are actually one of those things in some cases.
What You Need To Know About Pawning Your Barbie Doll
Now when it comes to things like Barbie dolls or any toys for that matter, collectors really care about the condition and the completeness of the toy. In fact you almost wouldn’t believe how obsessed they are with the condition and completeness of the toys and items that they collect on a regular basis.
Well you might not normally think it’s a big deal something is just having opened the box can severely impact the value of your Barbie doll.
Because of things like that making sure that your Barbie dolls are absolutely as complete as possible, and in the best condition possible for a huge deal in helping to determine their potential value to a pawn shop.
If for instance you had a Barbie doll in a sealed box that had never been opened, in the box was in pristine condition with no fading, bending or creasing at the corners or other areas of the box, or any other visible defects or damage you could have something extremely valuable depending on the collectability of the actual doll inside.
That having been said if you had the same doll which was just as collectible as far as the doll itself was concerned but you didn’t have things like the box, or any of the other accessories that may have initially come with a Barbie doll then you might be looking at a far lower potential pawn loan value. The same would go if you were trying to sell the doll outright as opposed to just making a loan on it.
Because of that you’ve got to be very careful with the condition of your Barbie doll.
Tips For Pawning Your Barbie Doll
Okay let’s discuss some things that you should do to get the best experience possible at your local pawn shop when attempting to pawn your Barbie doll.
The first thing that you need to know is something that we’ve already talked about. That is to make sure that your Barbie doll is in the best condition possible. This might seem like I’m being a little overkill on this. But it really is that important when it comes to its value.
The second thing that you should really keep in mind when taking your Barbie doll down to your local pawn shop to attempt to make a loan against it is to make sure that you have all of the parts and pieces that originally came with the doll, particularly if you have the box and the box and insert are in good condition.
If there is any documentation that you may have concerning the collectability of your Barbie doll taking that to your local pawn shop with you will always be a good idea and helping them establish what the value of your doll may actually be.
If you keep these few things in mind you should have the best experience possible when you go down to your local pawn shop to attempt to make a pawn loan against your Barbie doll or sell it outright to them.
How Much Will You Get
This is really a question that depends on the initial conductibility of the doll itself and what similar dolls are selling for on the open market.
Some dolls bring big, big money while others are not such a big deal. The best way to determine how much you may get for yours will be to take it directly to the pawn shop because it can be too hard to estimate and guess these things otherwise.