Do Pawn Shops Ask For ID – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


Will Pawn Shops Require ID
Okay, so let’s say that you want to go to a pawn shop to make a loan or to sell something. Will a pawn shop ask you for your ID?
The fact of the matter is that most often pawn shops will ask you for your identification.
This is normally because they are required to by their state or local laws.
Pawn shops have to follow certain transaction and reporting procedures on a regular basis to comply with the laws in your area.
More often than not, laws will require pawn shops to have at least an ID presented, although that does not always mean a state ID.
What that could mean in many states is that you simply have to have a photo ID of some sort.
For instance, in the state of Ohio there is no requirement for you to bring in a state ID or driver’s license. A simple photo ID, such as a work ID will suffice.
So with that in mind, yes pawn shops will ask you for your identification when you go into their stores to either make a loan on something or to sell something to them.
When do pawn shops ask for ID? Better yet, why do they ask for ID? In cases where a pawn shops needs to see your ID, it’s often only because of local or state laws.
Are There Any Other Scenarios Under Which A Pawn Shop May Ask You For Your Identification
With all of this in mind, there is really only one other scenario under which a pawn shop may ask you for your ID assuming that they operate purely as a pawn shop and don’t offer any other services.
The next most common scenario when a pawn shop will ask for your ID, is if you are making a purchase and putting that item in layaway.
The reason for that is that they want to be sure that the item is in your name and that only you are able to pick it up.
If you put money down on something that you are putting in layaway the pawn shop doesn’t want somebody else to come in, pay off your layaway claiming that they are you and walk out of the store with your item for next to nothing.
Really this is a mechanism put into place to protect you, the customer.
What If They Offer Other Services
Some pawn shops will offer additional services such as check-cashing, or even cash advance services.
More often than not, in those cases, they will also have to see your ID.
Just like with pawn loans, there are state and local laws that govern what kind of identification you need to conduct these transactions.
Part of those regulations will often include the presence of a state ID, although sometimes a photo ID will do. This is very similar to pawn loans in that there are some variances from state to state on what the pawn shop must have from you in order to perform the transaction.
The Nerd’s Opinion
My own two cents on the issue is that you should always have your ID with you whenever you’re going to a pawn shop to make a transaction of any kind. It doesn’t matter if you are just picking something up, making a loan, selling something to them, or buying something.
There’s really no reason not to have your ID on you anyways. There’s also no reason to fear what a pawn shop needs your ID for.
It’s not as if pawn shops have some malicious intent behind requiring your ID. They are simply complying with their local laws and making sure that they protect you as their customer.
If you are unsure if you need a state ID or just a simple photo ID, I would suggest that you call some of the local pawn shops in your area and ask them what they require.