Can You Still Pawn or Sell An Original Xbox To A Pawn Shop?

The original Xbox system was released in 2001, and it’s still something of a novelty for many people.

Unfortunately just being a novelty doesn’t mean that it is particularly valuable at the moment. Let’s look a little closer at how pawn shops treat the original Xbox system when it comes through their doors.

How 'Pawnable' Is This Item

What Value Does This Item Have

It may not come as a surprise for some, but the original 2001 Xbox system scores VERY POOR in both our pawnability and value rankings.

Most pawn shops will not accept the original Xbox system any more. There’s just no real value for them in it at this time. It’s not old enough to be truly collectible, and it’s not new enough to be considered widely desirable.

Because of those two things, pawn shops will only give you a small amount of money for them if you bring on in. Probably $20 or less at most. It’s just not the type of item that is going to fetch a huge price at a pawn shop as there is still a ton of them around and nobody really wants them.

What To Bring With You:

When you do bring something like this into a pawn shop, you will want to make sure that it is as complete as possible. If your original Xbox is missing anything important, it will almost certainly be turned away by most major stores.

  • The original wall plug.
  • At least one controller, that works perfectly, and is preferably a Microsoft original and not a third-party or aftermarket unit.
  • The A/V cables so that it can be hooked up to a TV.
  • At least one game so that the pawn shop can verify that your system works.
  • If you still have the original box and packaging that can with the system, and it is in good condition, some pawn shops may look at that favorably in terms of reselling the system to a collector.


Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Accept This Item 20%
Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Consider This Item Desirable 1%
Average Redemption Rate For This Type Of Item 10%
Percentage of Households That Have This Type Of Item 10%
Percentage Of Times This Type Of Item Is Pawned vs Being Sold 10%

Roughly 20% of pawn shops would still consider dealing with a game system this age, and most of the time, it will be for an outright sale, not a pawn. Of those shop, only 1% consider them at all desirable.

The average redemption rate for an original Xbox is very low and roughly 10%.

Only about 10% of households will have a system this age that they can still take into a pawn shop, and more often than not, they sell the systems when they arrive due to the very low offers that they receive.

What Are Some Advantages To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • You get something out of your house that you likely haven’t used for the better part of 10-15 years.

What Are Some Drawbacks To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • The value you receive at a pawn shop will be very low. The systems themselves just aren’t worth much, so there’s not much a pawn shop can do for you if you bring one in.

Pawning An Original Xbox Game System

Unfortunately, due to their low demand and value, it is currently very difficult to pawn an original Xbox to a pawn shop. You may be able to sell it however.

Selling An Original Xbox To A Pawn Shop

Here, you stand a better chance, but don’t count on getting a lot of money for your system.

At this time, you are probably looking at an offer around $10-$20. It might be more if you bring A LOT of games in with you, but overall, this is just one of those items that’s hard for most major pawn shops to work with.

You might have better luck selling it directly to a collector yourself through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.