Can You Sell Comic Books At A Pawn Shop? in 2017

Brian McCracken


So you are looking to sell your comic books? Well if you don’t have a comic shop in your area and are uncomfortable with eBay – maybe consider giving your local pawn shop a call.
While not all pawn shops accept comics books – if you books are at all collectible there are many shops out there that do buy them.
Of course, if they are willing to buy your comic books, that also means that they may just loan against them in can you weren’t ready to let them go.
That’s really the huge benefit of working with a pawn shop for a short term loan. You still get to keep your items once you loan is paid off.
So if you’ve got some really collectible comic books that you don’t want to let go of for any reason at all, a pawn shop may be the perfect solution for you!
How Much Do They Pay?
This can vary considerably.
One of the things that is important is if you already have the book’s condition graded. That way the pawnbroker knows exactly what he’s getting.
If you don’t have your book(s) graded, they should all at least be in good, presentable condition. f you comics have taken a beating over the years, you may not be offered as much as you would have hoped for.
If you haven’t, take a look at our article that answers ‘How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay‘ to get a better idea on how they may price your comics.
How Do You Find A Pawn Shop That Accepts Them?
Unfortunately there still isn’t a better answer to this problem other than looking them up in the phone book (or online) and calling them one-by-one.
Most of the time pawn shops are happy to give you an easy yes or no, but don’t ask them how much they will loan on a specific book over the phone. They will have no idea what the value would be without actually seeing and handling to book to inspect it properly.
What About My Whole Collection?
Typically speaking, pawn shops will want to buy collectible comic books and won’t be nearly as interested in large quantities to less desired issues.
That’s not to say that there aren’t some who will take in any and all comic books out there – but pawnbrokers that do that are few and far between.
The Nerd’s Experience
Comics are an ‘iffy’ thing with most pawnbrokers. If they are willing to buy or sell comics, they may not want to invest incredible amount of money into them.
To be honest, the most I’ve ever seen a comic book bought for was about $180. That’s a good amount of money, don’t get me wrong – but we’ve had some people come in hoping for $2,000-$3.000 per book.
Unless that pawnbroker knew specifically what they could do with that book, it will be pretty tough to get them anywhere close to that amount.