Can You Pawn Paintball Guns At A Pawn Shop? in 2017

Brian McCracken


People like to pawn all sorts of things. Everything from collectible toys up to extremely rare fine diamonds. One of the more popular items I get asked about are paintball guns. But will most pawn shops accept them for pawn? And if they do – how much will they pay for a paintball gun?
The good paintball guns can be expensive to put together and customize. In some areas of the country, paintballing as a sport is widely popular.
Unfortunately I have some bad news.
Most pawn shops will not take in paintball guns for a loan or a sale. If they do, they typically won’t pay much for them.
That’s not to say that no pawn shops will make a loan on them.
There are pawn brokers who are completely comfortable dealing with them, but it’s just not nearly as universal as something like jewelry.
Why Don’t More Pawn Shops Loan On Paintball Guns?
Well, typically speaking they get roughed up pretty quickly. When you are out on a course, you’re going to be banging it against objects, the ground, virtually anything you might come across.
In addition, you can get some paintball guns pretty cheap if you shop on eBay or find a used one in the paintball course stores. So there isn’t a huge market for most paintball guns. On top of it, they are a highly specialized hobby.
Love It Or Hate It
The fact is that the only people who will be looking for paintball guns are people who play paintball. They aren’t like diamonds rings that have a wide appeal to virtually everyone. There is really only one type of customer who will buy paintball guns – a person who plays paintball and virtually nobody else will be interested in them.
Because of their specialized nature, it can be difficult for pawn shops to sell paintball guns if they buy them or make a loan against them that forfeits. On top of it, they don’t sell well during the holiday season it seems. A used paintball gun just doesn’t seem to hold the same kind of value and luster that people want in their Christmas gifts or birthday presents.
But Don’t Write It off Completely
It is still worth calling your local pawn shop just to see if they would be willing to accept your paintball gun. While most shops tend not to take them in, there are some out there that do.
So by spending a few minutes to lookup the phone number and give them a call you might be surprised to find out that they would take it.
I get asked about paintball gun’s at least 3 times a week, so I know there are a lot of people out there looking to pawn them. Really it will come down to the market and the pawn broker’s comfort level in dealing with that type of merchandise. Like I said above, it’s worth at least calling to find out.
That About Does It…
If you have any other questions for comments about pawning paintball guns leave them for me in the comment field below.
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