Can You Pawn or Sell Apple Laptops to a Pawn Shop?

There’s no question that when you buy them new, Apple’s laptops cost a lot of money.

From the most affordable MacBook or MacBook Air, up to the highest end MacBook Pro – if you have an Apple laptop, you do have something special. But does that mean that all pawn shops take them?

How 'Pawnable' Is This Item

What Value Does This Item Have

There are typically two main types of pawn shops. Those that only deal in jewelry and those that deal with everything. if the pawn shop you are thinking about going to only deal with jewelry, then you’ve picked the wrong kind of pawn shop for this item.

That having been said, most pawn shops are going to be very happy to help you with a MacBook if you bring one in. They are a high value laptop that people love and there is a ton of demand for.

Because of that, the MacBook series of laptops scores a “Very Good” in terms of pawnability and a “Good” in terms of value.

The only reason that they don’t score a “Very Good” in terms of value is because of how expensive they can be new. With the top of the line MacBook Pro reaching close to $8,000 it’s just hard for a pawn shop to justify lending anything close to that kind of money on a used one when it comes through their doors.

What To Bring With You:

  • When we are talking about high end products like Apple laptops, bringing in the packaging, such as the original box, sleeve, inserts, etc. can mean a lot. A complete item like this will almost always fetch a little higher premium than if it was just the laptop alone.
  • Be sure that you bring the power cord and charger with you. Over the years Apple laptops have used different cords for charging, so be sure that you bring the right one and that it works properly.
  • Be sure that you have the laptop fully charged before you show up to the pawn shop with it to make a loan on. This is a critical step as most pawn shops won’t want to wait for you to charge it so that they can test it, no matter how valuable the MacBook is.
  • Make sure that you are signed out of your Apple account and iCloud before you show up. If you can’t do it before you arrive, make sure that you have the right password so that you can do it right in the pawn shop while they are inspecting it. If you are unable to do this, the odds of the pawn shop taking your MacBook go way down.


Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Accept This Item 99%
Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Consider This Item Desirable 80%
Average Redemption Rate For This Type Of Item 90%
Percentage of Households That Have This Type Of Item 50%
Percentage Of Times This Type Of Item Is Pawned vs Being Sold 90%

A newer, high end MacBook scores very high in these marks. About 99% of pawn shops that take electronics will absolutely look at your MacBook either for a loan or a sale depending on what you want to do with it. Of those that deal with them, 80% of pawn shops consider them to be highly desirable.

The average redemption ratio on a newer MacBook is right around 90%. About 50% of households have a MacBook that they can use to get a loan at a pawn shop and more often than not, people just pawn these instead of selling them, sitting at a 90% pawn rate.

What Are Some Advantages To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • You should have no problem finding a pawn shop that will look at, and accept your MacBook for a loan or sale should you decide to go that route.
  • As long as your MacBook is newer, in very good condition, and signed out of your Apple account, you should be able to get a very good amount of money out of your system.

What Are Some Drawbacks To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • It may be tough to do without your MacBook while it is in on loan, but I would suggest you begin to get very familiar with you phone in the mean time.
  • Because the loans on MacBooks are often higher value loans, they may be a little more difficult to pay back when the time comes.

Pawning or Selling Your MacBook At A Pawn Shop

Throughout this article we have made a few assumptions. That your MacBook is newer, in excellent condition, and you know all of the passwords for it.

If any of these things aren’t true, then the offers and interest you are going to get from pawn shops in your MacBook are going to be much lower.

That having been said, if your MacBook is newer, in greta shape, works perfectly, and you have everything with it, you should be able to get a good medium sized loan to cover just about any expensive you have that has arisen.