Can You Really Pawn or Sell a Citizens Watch at a Pawn Shop?

A lot of people have Citizens Watches and for good reason.

They are actually very good watches, many with unique features not typically found in other major watch brands out there. But does that make them particularly pawnable?

How 'Pawnable' Is This Item

What Value Does This Item Have

Overall, Citizens Watches are considered to be very pawnable across the country and get a “Good” rating. They aren’t as desirable as a Rolex or Tag Heuer, but they are still a good mid-line watch.

In terms of value, they will also score a “Good” rating here as well. They may not bring as much as you might expect at a pawn shop (under a hundred dollars in most cases) but they also don’t have the same type of cost as a Tag or Rolex.

In addition, they hold their value much better than other brands such as Movado, or Timex for instance.

What To Bring With You:

This is pretty common for watches but you will want to bring:

  • The box, insert, and original paperwork if you still have it.
  • Any extra links that you may have had removed from the watch bracelet originally.
  • Any additional bracelets or bands you’ve purchased for the watch.
  • Any documentation you have on service you may have had performed to the watch during the time that you owned it.


Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Accept This Item 80%
Percentage Of Pawn Shops That Consider This Item Desirable 60%
Average Redemption Rate For This Type Of Item 50%
Percentage of Households That Have This Type Of Item 10%
Percentage Of Times This Type Of Item Is Pawned vs Being Sold 70%

At roughly 80%, most pawn shops across the country take in Citizens Watches. This is in part due to their name recognition.

Of that 80% of pawnshops that accept them, 60% consider them desirable. There are better brands out there, but again, there are worse brands as well.

The average redemption ratio for a Citizens Watch rides the line at roughly 50% either way you go.

Less than 10% of households have them available to pawn, but those that do choose to make a loan on them 70% of the time, versus selling it the other 30%.

What Are Some Advantages To Pawning This Type Of Item

  • You likely won’t miss your watch while it is in on loan.
  • Citizens Watches get a good value when compared to their original purchase price.
  • It will be safe in storage at the pawn shop.
  • It’s easy to find pawn shops that accept them.

What Are Some Drawbacks To Pawning This Type Of Item

There really aren’t too many drawbacks to using a Citizens Watch for a loan. They are a good item overall and are pretty widely accepted at most major pawn shop across the country.

Pawning A Citizens Watch

The one feature about Citizens Watches that set them apart is their eco-drive feature. They essentially use sunlight to help power the watch.

if your watch has been in storage for a long period of time, you may need to leave it out for awhile to charge the battery and get it running again.

This is important as you will want to be able to show the pawnbroker that there is nothing wrong with your watch and it works properly so that you can get the most amount of money out of it possible.

Selling A Citizens Watch

When just outright selling your watch, there isn’t much difference between this and pawning it. The only extra step I would really recommend is that you clean it thoroughly before you take it in to present it in the best possible light when the pawn shop looks at it.