Can You Pawn A Fossil Watch – ANSWERED HERE!

Brian McCracken


Okay, I know what you are thinking – is a pawn shops going to buy my fossil watch or not? To tell you the truth, you’ve already made the right step by asking “Can You Pawn A Fossil Watch” to begin with.
When it comes to time pieces, as I sure you are well aware, there are higher end watches and then there are less desirable watches.
So where do Fossil watches fall on this scale of quality and desirability?
Well, honestly, they are pretty low on the desirability side of things.
They are a good watch, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t exactly the hottest thing out there right now, nor are they something truly classic like a Rolex for instance.
Keeping that in mind, you probably won’t be too surprised by my answer that not all pawn shops take in Fossil watches. It’s not that there is anything specifically wrong with them, it’s just that some pawn shops like to deal in the upper-end merchandise and don’t really have a customer base for Fossil watches.
And that’s part of the problem I get into when people ask me “Do pawn shops buy Fossil watches?” It’s just hard to give a 100% true, all encompassing answer that will satisfy everyone out there.
What I can tell you is this – if you are will to do a little calling around – you can find a pawn shop that will buy or make you a loan on your fossil watch most of the time.
The question is “can you pawn a fossil watch” and the answer isn’t entirely simple unfortunately. Not all pawn shops will take them in, but if you follow these steps you should be well on your way to finding a pawn shop that will buy or loan on your Fossil watch.
How To Find A Pawn Shop That Will Take Fossil Watches
This is actually something that is very easy to do and really only involves a few steps on your part.
Find A List Of Local Pawn Shops
Call Them And Ask Them If They Will Buy A Fossil Watch
Get Directions & Find Out If There Is Anything Else You Need
It’s really that simple. Let’s break it down for you, step by step.
Find A List Of Local Pawn Shops
This is actually very easy. All you are going to do is go to and search the phrase “Local pawn shops” or “Pawn shops near me” and Google will return a list of pawn shops in your immediate area, along with their phone numbers.
Since you might be doing this on your phone, it’s probably not a bad idea to write down at least 5 or 6 pawn shop names and phone numbers so that you have them for quick reference and can call them easily.
Call Them And Ask Them If They Will Buy A Fossil Watch
Pretty self explanatory right? Well yes and no.
When you call them, be prepared to tell them the model number of the watch should they ask. You will normally find this on the back of the timepiece.
You’ll want to ask them if they will buy them, and then further more, if they will also be willing to make a loan against one should you decide that you want it back at a later point in time. It’s important that you get both answers so that you know what options are available to you and you are in a position later where you feel forced to sell it if you don’t want to.
Get Directions & Find Out If There Is Anything Else You Need
Last but not least, get directions to the pawn shop(s) that tell you that they will make you a loan on your Fossil watch or offer to buy it from you. Make sure that you know exactly where they are located to avoid confusion.
Additionally, while you are talking to the pawn shop, ask them if there is anything else that you need to bring with you to make a loan on your fossil watch or for the pawn shop to buy your fossil watch.
For instance, in some states you may need your ID where as in others you may need or more less identification depending on the state laws in the area you live in.
How To Pawn A Fossil Watch For The Most Money
Lastly, once you find out that you can pawn a fossil watch and where you are going, you should do some things to make sure that you get the most amount of money possible for it.
First of all, clean it up a bit. You know, make it look as good as possible so that it appears easily salable as that will encourage the pawn shop to make you a pawn on your fossil watch and possibly for more than you might normally be offered.
Typically speaking, the newer and better your watch looks, the more like that you are too get more when you go to pawn a Fossil watch.
Next, try to bring anything with you that originally came with the watch as that could help you substantially when you are trying to work out a reasonable price for both you and the pawn shop. When you pawn a Fossil watch, having things like the box and paperwork that originally came with it could go a long ways to helping make sure that you are offered good money for your timepiece.
Lastly, if you want to pawn your Fossil watch, make sure it runs. That means that you may have to replace the battery if it died. It’s important that you can show the pawn shop you are working with that your watch runs and works properly because if they can’t see it running – they have no way of knowing if it’s just the battery or if there is a bigger, more expensive problem with your watch.
Following these three simple rules should help you get the most money that you possibly can when you go to pawn your fossil watch at a local pawn shop. Obviously, if you can make your Fossil watch look almost as good as new, you stand a much better chance of getting a higher sum offered to you than if you present them with a badly marked up or beat up looking watch.