Can You Pawn A Broken Tablet

Cracked screens, missing buttons, dented rear panels. Broken tablets come with all sorts of problems and most pawn shops are familiar with them.

When it comes to pawning them though, is that something a pawn shop will take?

Well, in most cases, it is not something that a pawn shop will make you a loan on but SOME pawn shops may be willing to buy them for the right price.

However, in order for them to do this, it has to be a tablet with a high value to begin with. Think of something like an iPad Pro or similar.

You see, after a pawn shop goes through all of the work of getting the tablet repaired, they will then have a good amount of money invested in the tablet that frankly, might be very hard to sell if it isn’t something really desirable to start with.

Also keep in mind that this is a rare, edge case scenario as most pawn shops won’t deal with badly damaged electronics to begin with as it can be hard to know just what is wrong and exactly how much it will cost to make the tablet right again.

There are other scenarios where pawn shops will buy broken tablets as “Parts” devices. That is, where the tablet will be torn down and used for its good parts to repair other tablets that might be in better condition to start with.

Here again though, you will want to start with a more desirable tablet, referring back to the iPad Pro example again.

How To Find Pawn Shops That Will Take Broken Tablets

If you want to try to find a pawn shop in your area to take a broken tablet, your best bet is to simply call around.

It’s easy enough to go to google, type in “Pawn shops near me” and then call them one by one and just ask if they take tablets with whatever problem that yours has.

In most cases, this will be cracked glass. In the event that the frame itself is bent, or dented in, be sure to mention that as well since that can dramatically change the scenario and might end up saving you a wasted trip otherwise.

Frame damage is something that is not easily repairable, where as cracked glass can simply be a matter of putting on a new screen (although that in and of itself can be pricey as well.)

Whatever you do, be sure that you take all of the parts and accessories with you when you go to the pawn shop. That means both the cord and the wall charger. Don’t forget the box or original packaging if you have those as well.

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