Can You Pawn A Broken Laptop – Answered! in 2017

Brian McCracken


If you have a broken laptop that you would like to pawn, or sell to a pawn shop, then there are some things that you need to know first. Read this article to get a complete overview on how you can sell a broken laptop for the most money possible.
You know, I get asked a lot of questions all the time.
Some range from mildly interesting, to obvious, to just funny in nature.
That having been said, today we are going to answer the question on if you can pawn a broken laptop or not.
Now you might initially think that this could be answered in a simple yes or no, but that is not the case.
You see, you have to appreciate a few thing about pawn shops before we really can get to the bottom of this.
First of all, pawn shops aren’t like big-box stores. Not all of them follow the same “Rules.” There is no black book out there that says what pawn shops have to buy and how much they have to pay for it.
Because of that, all pawn shops operate a little differently. Some pawn shops will only take items that are in like new condition.
Others love electronics, while still others yet won’t even look at consumer electronics to begin with.
Secondly, all pawn shop care about in most cases is how much they can resell an item for.
Most pawn shops can’t easily resell something like a broken laptop. There’s just not a lot of customers out there for that sort of merchandise.
On the other hand, some pawn shops will buy broken items, fix them and then resell them. Others have people in their network that just buy things like broken laptops from them all the time.
These pawn shops are much more likely to buy your broken laptop than others. They already have a customer base for that type of item so it makes sense for them to.
If you happen to have a broken laptop, you might have asked yourself if you can pawn it. In some cases, there are pawn shops that will take broken laptops. It really depends on what is wrong with it, and if they think that they would be able to repair and/or resell it based on its current condition.
Before you can go about finding a pawn shop that will buy broken laptops, the first thing that you really need to do is figure out what is wrong with your laptop to begin with.
Is the battery bad?
Is the display bad?
Is it a bad motherboard?
Bad ram?
Bad hard drive?
All of these things could make a big difference to a pawn shop when determining whether or not they will buy your broken laptop from you.
So if you can, try to have the answer to these questions upfront as it could really help you sell your computer.
If you can’t figure out what is wrong with your laptop, not all hope is lost, but it might hurt your ability to sell it.
Finding a pawn shop that would be willing to buy your broken laptop is actually pretty easy to do.
Just go to and search the phrase “Local pawn shop” or “Pawn shops in my area.” Google will return a list of results for pawn shops near you.
Give four or five of them a call and see what you get. You never know, you just may find out that they respond and can help you with your problem.
What To Do If There Are No Pawn Shops Around You That Will Buy Your Broken Laptop
Now, if you are in the position of not being able to find a pawn shop near you that will purchase your broken laptop from you, there are a few other options that you can try.
For instance, putting an ad on wouldn’t be a bad start.
You may find that there is someone out there willing to buy broken laptops.
In fact, there is an entire industry that works around this idea and you may find that they are also advertising their services on Craigslist.
So, after you post your ad, search around a little bit and see if there is such an operation near you. If there is, contact them and show them your ad – see if they are interested in look at it.
You may find that they very much are.
If you still have no luck selling your broken laptop, my next piece of advice would be to check with the small local computer stores in your area if you happen to have any.
Often times, these are smaller mom-and-pop operations that will offer to buy your laptop if they think they know what is wrong with it and are able to repair it for someone else.
Sometimes however, if your laptop was really popular and common, they may buy it from you without intention of fixing it at all, but rather using it as a parts mule to repair the other laptops that customers bring in.
Either way you go, hopefully you now have a few options on how you can go about getting rid of a broken laptop and walking away from it with a little money in your pocket at the same time.