Can You Pawn A Broken iPad

So can you pawn a broken iPad? Well, that’s a great question but unfortunately it’s not a question that’s very easily answered with a single reply.

You see, not all pawn shops operate the same way. They don’t all follow the same rules. While some pawn shops will say no as soon as you walk in the door, others will great you with open arms.

A big part of it will have to do with what exactly is wrong with your iPad to begin with. Is it just a pin lockout? Then maybe they can help you.

Is it a cracked screen? Some will help you with that, but not all.

Is the frame bent, dented in, or is it iCloud locked? Well in that case, very few will offer you anything for your iPad unfortunately.

I will say this. The fact that it is an iPad and not some other kind of device automatically puts the odds in your favor most of the time. Android tablets tend to be a dime a dozen and there isn’t nearly as much second hand demand for them, but newer iPads, even if used can be sold for a good amount – so naturally, pawn shops are interested in them.

How To Find A Pawn Shop That Will Buy Your Damaged iPad

If you want to find a pawn shop that will buy your damaged iPad, there’s a few things you should do.

First, be sure you know exactly what you have.

Is it an iPad Air? Is it an iPad Pro? Is it 9.7 or 12.9 inch? Do you have all of the accessories, or are you missing things like the wall plug?

Knowing this upfront will be important for the next step which is to Google “Pawn Shops near me” and begin calling them.

Describe how your iPad is damaged and see what they say. It’s often better to make the calls than it is to drive all around town only to find out that one place, or nobody will take it.

Doing this will save you a lot of time and money, so keep it in mind when trying to sell your broken iPad.

What To Do If You Can’t Find A Pawnshop To Buy Your Broken iPad

If you can’t find a local pawn shop to buy your iPad, there’s two options that you can try.

First, call the cell phone repair shops in the area and see if they would be interested in it. Sometimes you can be surprised here because they are used to doing things like screen replacements on phones, and doing that on a tablet isn’t much different.

The second option is to sell it directly online. Often times repair facilities will buy damaged iPads on eBay so that they have to parts required to repair other customer’s iPads when they come in the door.

If you go the eBay route, make sure you take good pictures of the specific damage and list any other problems with the iPad that you know of. It’s important to be as complete as possible here so that it doesn’t end up in a reutnr scenario which will cost you money in the long run.

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