Can You Pawn A Breast Pump – Answered! in 2017

Brian McCracken


Are you curious to know if pawn shops accept breast pumps? I get asked about it a lot, so I decided to answer the question in this post.
This one might shock a lot of people, but it is a surprisingly common question that we get asked.
How often? Oh, I’d say at least 4 or 5 times a week I get the question “Can you pawn a breast pump?”
My answer? Sure you can!
Other pawn shops? Maybe not.
Why is that?
Well, you’ve got to understand that pawn shops are owned by thousands of individual, small business owners with their own ideas of what makes a good item to loan against versus what doesn’t.
For me, making a loan on a clean, but previous used breast pump isn’t a big deal, as long as it is in good condition and has all of the parts.
On the other hand, some pawnbrokers are just freaked out by the very concept and I’m not sure why the exact reasons are.
I suspect that it’s because the whole topic tends to make men uncomfortable, and since most pawnbrokers tend to be men…. well, they don’t want to deal with them.
That having been said, there are pawn shops out there that will take in breast pumps.
it’s really no big deal. It’s just a piece of merchandise that has a lot of demand and is fairly easily resold online if it’s in good condition, clean, and working well.
A lot of people ask me if you can pawn a breast pump and the answer is that in some pawn shop, absolutely. In others though, it can be tough to get them to make you a loan on your used breast pump unless it looks almost new, or never used.
How To Find A Pawn Shop That Will Loan On Breast Pumps
So as previously discussed, some pawnbroker have a really hard time processing the idea of making loan on breast pumps.
That having been said, you can find pawn shops that are mature enough to see them for what they are.
What you want to do is go to and search the phrase “Pawn shops near me” or “Local pawn shops.”
Google will return a list of search results with pawn shops in your area. They will have the names, address and phone numbers listed.
Just go down the list and call all of them until you find three or four that will at least look at a breast pump for a loan, or offer to buy it outright from you.
How To Get The Most Money For Your Breast Pump
Now, if you want to get the most money for your breast pump, there are some things that you should be sure to do.
Make Sure Your Breast Pump Is Clean
Look, I don’t care who it is, nobody wants to take in a breast pump that still has milk in it.
More than that though, really clean it up. The whole thing. Make it look as new as possible.
The reason for this is the better condition you make it look like it is in, the more likely you are to get more money out of it when you are negotiating a price.
Why? Because it will look easier for the pawn shop to resell at a profit.
Just like anything else, nobody wants to buys someone else’s junk, but particularly with this type of items, how clean it is really matters!
Make Sure You Have All Of The Parts For The Breast Pump
The next thing that you want to do is to be sure that you have all of the various parts and pieces for your breast pump.
This is really important as it is almost impossible to get spare parts for these.
Unlike DVD players where you can get an extra cable just about anywhere, getting a piece for most breast pumps is expensive, if you can even find it to begin with.
Try To Bring The Original Packaging
If you still have the original packaging for your breast pump, bring it with you.
The reason is that you really want to make your breast pump look as new as possible, even beyond just cleaning it.
Because of how picky people can be with personal items like this, anything you can do to put the odds in your favor will help… A LOT!