Can You Find Deals In Pawn Shops? in 2017

Brian McCracken


Everyone is looking for the best prices and who can blame them? We all want to save a few bucks if we can. Fortunately that is what makes pawn shops such a great place to shop!
Typically speaking pawn shops will offer you the best prices possible on new or gently used merchandise of all different types.
Whether it’s tools, jewelry, musical instruments, or even appliances – checking with your local pawn shop before going to a large retailer can often save you 30-50% off of retail.
On top of that, most pawn shops will offer a warranty or guarantee that the items will work.
So when you are out shopping and maybe doing a little price comparison shopping, a pawn shop should be a place you consider going.
By doing so, you may be able to save yourself quite a bit of cash in the process and who doesn’t love that – am I right?
What Can You Get The Best Deal On In A Pawn Shop?
If you are looking for the thing that you will save the most money on by buying at a pawn shop that is without a doubt jewelry.
Pawn shops deal with jewelry all the time and they know exactly what they are doing. By going to a pawn shop for your new ring, necklace or bracelet you can save yourself 30-80% off of retail in most cases.
On top of it, the jewelry that they will have to sell is normally going to be very high quality and fine jewelry. You will occasionally come across some middle-of-the-road jewelry, but that ‘average’ quality jewelry is commonly what is sold in most mall jewelry stores anyways.
Do Pawn Shops Sell Other Things Besides Jewelry?
Yes, typically speaking a pawn shop will sell any time of merchandise that they normally take in. Whether that is car rims, professional brand name tools, or the latest electronics – if they make loans on it, they may have something similar for sale already.
On top of it, a pawn shops inventory changes every day. That’s because every day they are forfeiting more items that others have left behind and adding them to their inventory – so if you don’t find something there today, it may be available for sale tomorrow!
What Kind Of Tools Do Pawnshops Sell?
While some pawn shops will accept lower quality tools, most will only accept professional brand name tools in good condition.
That means things like Dewalt, Bosch, Snap On and MAC.
On top of it, the tools are normally complete and in good working order. The pawn shops will check to make sure they work properly before they take them in – so you often times have nothing at all to worry about.
What Kind Of Electronics Do Pawn Shops Sell?
Here again, they will most often be dealing with only better brand name and newer electronics.
For example, Canon Rebel digital SLR cameras are something we take in at our story regularly. They cost between $500-$800 in a store like Best Buy, but we sell them for $300 or less sometimes.
LCD and Plasma TV’s are another big item. When you buy a TV from our store, you know it will be newer because we don’t accept anything more than 2 years old. On top of it, it will have all of the original accessories and remote because we won’t take them in unless they are complete.
Laptops and iPads are another example where you can save a lot of money by buying from a pawn shop instead of a regular retail store.
Christmas Season, The Season Of Savings
If you want to save yourself a little extra dough this holiday season – visit your local pawn shop first.
You might be surprised at all of the great gifts that you will be able to find for your loved ones at very affordable prices.
For my family, this is one of the first places they go when buying gifts for others.
I Hope That Answered Your Question
At this point I hope that you have no doubt that you can save money by shopping at a pawn shop. if you do still have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment field below and I’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.
As always, thanks for everything
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