Can A Pawn Shop Tell If Something Is Rented – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


I really almost hate this question because I know exactly where this is going and what you might be thinking about getting into.
The question is this, can pawn shops look at something and be able to determine if whatever that item is, if it is something that is rented from a place such as a rent-to-own store or a tool rental store of some sort.
The answer to this question is that most often yes a pawn shop will know if an item is rented or not.
This is often because pawn shops are very familiar with the type of merchandise, the brands, makes and models and what items local rent-to-own places are typically dealing in.
The same goes for smaller tool rental places as well. Pawn shop see tools from these places all of the time and likely know exactly what they are looking at should you happen to bring them in for some reason.
The reason they are so familiar with this is because a lot of people think that renting something and turning around to take it to the pawn shop to make a loan on it or sell it out right is a good idea.
This is actually a horrible idea.
Not only does it get you in major trouble with the pawn shop, but it is also going to get you in a lot of trouble with whoever you rented that item from.
If you are even remotely thinking about taking something that is rented into the pawn shop for a loan, I would strongly advise you against doing that.
While it might not result in much other than you losing whatever it is that you had rented, it could result in civil charges, or worse yet criminal charges.
It all depends on how aggressively these businesses would like to pursue this act.
It will also depend on how did your local laws are written.
Pawn shops are normally able to determine when something that is brought into them has been rented as they will work closely with the various rental stores in their area and know what merchandise to be on the look out for.
Will You Always Get In Trouble?
The sad fact of the matter is that you won’t always get caught if you decide to do this.
I wish I could sit here and tell you that everyone who tries to perpetrate this scheme gets busted for it and goes to jail.
Sadly however not all rent to own places are able to track down their merchandise in the various pawn shops, or in some cases the pawn shops themselves don’t readily work with the various rental or rent to own places to track down these items on a regular and ongoing basis.
Sure, if you do this it might work for you for a little while but what happens when it doesn’t? Eventually you’re going to get caught if you do this – trust me.
It’s really only a matter of time because of how well both of these businesses know this type of scheme.
Additionally, if the police department gets involved because the rent to own place has reported this as theft, then you are in real trouble.
You will probably have a variety of criminal charges filed against you.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is this…
Not all pawn shops will be able to tell if every item out there is something that has been rented or not.
That having been said, many pawn shops will in fact be able to determine these items just by looking at them because they know what the local rental stores and rent to own shops work with regularly.
Additionally pawnshop’s and rent to own places have a history of working well together, although that is not always the case. When they do, that could spell very bad news for you.
While this might not result in much if you try to do it, often times it can result in civil charges if not criminal charges being filed against you.
The bottom line is don’t take something that is rented into the pawn shop for a loan.