Can A Pawn Shop Tell If A Diamond Is Real – ANSWERED!

Brian McCracken


If you are questioning whether or not a diamond is real then you will want to pay attention to this article.
The good news for you is that it will be relatively easy to tell whether or not a diamond is real simply by taking down to your local pawn shop.
You see pawnshops deal with diamonds all the time. In fact diamonds and jewelry that has diamonds in it are a major part of their business.
Now if you are questioning whether or not you can trust a pawn shop with your diamond then let me put that concern to rest right away.
Many pawn shops have been around for decades and have absolutely no interest in corrupting or otherwise destroying their business for the sake of one or two stones.
Pawn shop owners are just like any other business owner that you might imagine. They spend a lot of time working on their businesses and building them so that they will be profitable for years to come.
The best way for them to shoot themselves in the foot in trying to do that would be to miss treat someone’s precious diamond.
Because of that you can expect that a pawn broker will treat your diamond with respect, and not do anything “funny” with it whatsoever.
Pawn shops will be able to tell if your diamond is real or not based on their experience. Occasionally they will use a diamond tester to verify that your diamond is real, but more often then not they will be able to tell just based on their visual inspection alone.
So How Do Pawn Shops Know Whether A Diamond Is Real Or Not
Many pawnshops will have experts on hand that look at diamonds all of the time.
On top of that there are tools that they can use to test to see if a diamond is an actual diamond, or it if it is a man-made diamond, or if is just altogether fake.
On top of that, just about every pawn shop that I know of has one form of diamond tester or another. You will typically be able to identify these because they often look like thick pens with a small metal point that the pawn broker will touch to your diamond and it will often make some kind of beeping sound.
These diamond testers can determine a lot of things for the pawn shops such as if the diamond is real, or what is known as moissanite, which is a man-made diamond and doesn’t have nearly the same value. Additionally, diamond testers will also be able to tell the pawn shop employee or pawn broker if the stone they are testing isn’t a diamond at all – man-made or otherwise.
The reality of the situation is that most pawn shop employees and pawnbrokers alike have handled so many diamonds over the years that they know exactly what is and isn’t a diamond just by looking at it most of the time.
Even man-made diamonds like moissanite might look very similar on the surface but they also have characteristics that indicate what they are.
Additionally, it’s often times going to be this experience that tells the individuals handling your diamonds what they might resell for and therefore what the pawn shop will be able to offer you for your stone(s).