The Digital Age Still Hasn’t Hit Pawn Shops

There was a recent news story about Sioux City. They want to update their pawn ticket reporting system to something digital – leadsonline is a commonly used service. I think this is great news! Having to fill out little cards for each transaction is a major pain for pawn shops. It’s also slow and pretty ineffective for … Read more

Why You Should Love Pawn Shops

You know, pretty much every day I hear customers tell us how much they love doing business with our pawn shop. But every now and then, I do hear something negative. It’s not often… For the most part I shrug it off, but to be honest it has gotten under my skin more than once as … Read more

Hardcore Pawn’s Seth Gold Is The Pawnbroker Of The Year!

It’s official, as of today Seth Gold, best known for his role in Hardcore Pawn was award the ‘Pawnbroker Of The Year’ Award in Las Vegas. The news was released today by the NPA. The NPA is correctly holding the Pawn Expo in Las Vegas, NV as they do every July. You can read more … Read more

pawn for fast cash

How To Pawn Something For Fast Cash

We’ve all been there. Unexpected bills roll in. Maybe a sudden expense. Maybe you just got sick and couldn’t work as much as you had hoped to and you ended up short this paycheck. So what do you do when that happens? Well one options is to get a short term loan to help get … Read more

pawn your jewelry

How To Pawn Jewelry Like A Pro

Sometimes bills come in or you get sick and can’t work and that ends up leaving you a little short to make all of your payments and take care of the things that you have to take care of. It happens all the time and to a lot of good people. In these scenarios it … Read more

there are plenty of pawn shops in ohio

How Does A Pawn Shop Work In Ohio

If you haven’t seen it yet – I put a question page up on the blog so that you can ask me questions directly. If you have a question about the pawn industry, just leave me a question and if it’s particularly interesting I’ll be happy to answer it in a blog post dedicated just … Read more