Are Pawn Shops Open On Sundays?

Mandy Dormain


Wouldn’t it be nice if every place was open regular hours, every day of the week. Sure it would! And in today’s service-forward industries don’t think that there isn’t a major push to make that a reality.
That having been said, we are all still people – people with families and family gatherings. In fact, it used to be that nobody was open on Sundays because of the value placed on the role of the American family. It’s just want we have always valued.
But are pawn shops the exception to the rule? The answer is that no, typically most pawn shops are not open Sundays.
There’s a couple reasons for that.
The first is that Sunday is a slow down for the pawn shops that are actually open.
It’s just historically been a slow day which means that it can actually cost more in payroll to be open than to be closed.
The second reason is that most pawn brokers like to have at least one day off a week.
Some pawn shops will also be closed on Wednesday’s but Sunday seems to almost be universally true in the business.
That Doesn’t Mean All Pawn Shops Are Closed On Sundays
You should at least give your local shop a call first, just to make sure they are actually closed.
There are some shops that do stay open on Sundays, but often with reduced hours. That means they may only be open until 2PM or 6PM before closing for the day.
To Be Fair…
The same goes with a lot of business and industries. For instance, most shopping malls and even big box stores like The Home Depot close early on Sundays.
Sundays are great days for families to spend some time together. Even if the store is opened for reduced hours on a Sunday, the workers can still typically make it home before dinner with the family.
The Nerd’s Experience
I’ve worked a lot of jobs. I’ve worked in retail. I’ve worked in industry. I’ve even worked in civil service.
I’m conditioned to working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day around the clock if I have to. But.. I really do appreciate having Sunday’s off. It’s nice to have at least one day that you can count on being at home, spending time with the family and taking care of things that need to get done that you weren’t able to do during the week.
If you work in the pawn industry then I’m sure you’ve gotten to appreciate having this one day that you can take to yourself to do what you want to. It certainly makes the work week go by much more easily knowing that your next day off is a minimum of 6 days away.
Well this doesn’t seem very ‘information based.’
Well, it is the ‘PawnNerd Blog.’
I understand that for the customer, being open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day is the best possible service. We would always be available to them.
Life doesn’t take a break at 5PM. Things happen at 1AM sometimes. People need money all different sorts of times throughout the day and night.
But to tell you the truth… It’s nice having that 1 day.
Thanks as always,
The Pawn Nerd






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