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Four score and seven… no no no. Let’s not do THAT.

Who am I? My name is Brian and I’ve worked in a run pawn shops in multiple states. I’ve been the low guy, and I’ve run multiple stores. I’ve been the warehouse shipping guy, and I’ve been the one that works with high end diamond dealers. I’ve really done it all in this industry.

So, back in 2013, I sat down one Summer day and started “Googling Around” to see what other’s had to say about the pawn industry.

You know what I found out? Nothing.

People just didn’t talk about pawn. It wasn’t a thing. If it was, it would have been someone who “Found their stolen stuff in some pawn shop” or “Was ripped off by this pawn shop over here,” yada yada yada.

The deeper I dug, the more I realized that in general, the internet just didn’t know what pawn shops really were. They didn’t understand how they worked, or what function they served.

So I decided to change that.

I setup a simple blog and started talking about how pawn shops operated.

How they determined the value for items that they took in.

How they viewed merchandise that came through their doors.

If they really were these shady, dimly lit rooms you heard so much about or if they were something more.

Several years later, here we are. A full site with tons of information about how pawn shops work and what they do.

So check it out.

Look around. It’s fine. I promise, you won’t break anything.

Thanks for stopping by my Ted Talks…


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