"The pawn industry doesn't have to be a confusing, secretive business and in fact, it shouldn't be."
- Brian, The PawnNerd

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leanr how to pawn tools

How To Pawn Tools In 3 Steps

So you need to get a little quick cash and don’t have any nice jewelry that you want to part with – but do you have tools? Well you are in luck then because most major pawn shops happily make loans on professional brand name tools. Note that I did say “Professional Brand Name.” That means brand

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don't make mistakes at the pawn shop

The Biggest Mistake You’ll Ever Make In A Pawn Shop

Pawn shops have a unique role in our modern society. Some people go there to access a fast, short term loan when they need cash in an emergency. Others go to pawn shops looking for high end merchandise at rock bottom prices. Whatever reasons you might have for visiting your local pawn shop there are some

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get the most money for your gold jewelry

3 Great Tips To Get The Most For Your Gold Jewelry!

I see a lot of jewelry come through our pawn shop doors. It’s just one of those types of items that virtually everyone knows a pawn shop will take or work with for a short term cash loan or buy outright if that’s what the customer would like to do. Some people want to just

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pawn pro

How To Pawn Like A Pro In 3 Steps

Learning how to pawn like a pro isn’t that difficult… While there is an argument to be made for not getting so good at pawning that you can do it like a pro – following these three steps will help you get through your first loan with ease. So here we go… this are the

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pawn shop interest fees

Pawn Shop Interest Rates Explained

Sometimes we all hit a rough spot financially and need a little help through a rough period of time. It’s completely normal and happens to a lot of people. One of the options you have is to make a pawn load on some valuable items you may own that are in good condition and complete.

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