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how to pawnIf you are curious how to pawn your items, this category will explain everything for you. Our detailed explanations will walk you through the process that you are most likely to encounter in most pawn shops around the country.

How To Pawn - Guides & Tutorials

While it is true that some pawn brokers operate differently than others, these tutorials will get you on the right path towards making a successful loan and getting the most money you can for your items.

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pawn bullion for the most money


When it comes to making loans against things, precious metals and bullion are near the top of the list for items that pawn shops accept. Learn how to pawn bullion here!

how to pawn silver coins


When it comes to pawning things, sometimes coins can be a tricky matter but I will try to clear things up for you and make it all a lot easier to understand.

how can you pawn A PS4 at a pawn shop?


When it comes to learning how to pawn things, there are as few items that are as common as video game systems. Learn how to pawn a PS4 in this article and you will get the most money possible when you do.


If you want to pawn a Xbox One there are a few things that you should know. I'm happy to tell you exactly what you will need in this tell all article.

how to pawn


When it comes to the daily operations of pawn shops there tends to be a lot of confusion about what it is that they do exactly but hopefully I will be able to eliminate at least part of that confusion in this article.

how to pawn gold for money


When it comes to pawning things, sometimes we can get a little confused by what to take into the pawn shop and how to go about doing it in the best way. In today's post, I explain how to pawn gold.


Learning how to pawn a TV is actually very easy but there may be some thing that you miss so read up in this article and get it right the first time!

pawn digital camera


Okay so something came up. Maybe it was a flat tire, unexpected tax bill, maybe one of the kids got sick... whatever the reason...

pawn a cell phone


Sometimes you need a little extra cash and it's not a big deal. In fact, just about everyone runs into this situation at some...

pawn a tablet


Sometimes you don't have anything to pawn but occasionally you will find that that just fits the bill. There's really nothing better than a tablet for that purpose.

get the most for xbox 360


If you are interested in selling your Xbox 360, this tutorial will walk you through everything that you need to know to do it right!


In this article we examine the question of Will Pawn Shops Take Stainless Steel Jewelry and what we come up with may surprise you. If you've been turned down for a loan on stainless steel jewelry before then you need to read this post!

you can pawn stainless steel flatware


So you need a cash loan? I've been there. I understand. In fact, helping people with cash loans against valuable items is something that...


Need a little extra money and want to know how you can pawn your laptop? Read this tutorial for the complete explanation.


So you need to come up with some quick cash and have some jewelry that you can let go of for a short period...


So you need a little quick cash? No problem, that exactly what a pawn shop is for. If you have a nicer, newer appliance that...

pawn for fast cash


We've all been there. Unexpected bills roll in. Maybe a sudden expense. Maybe you just got sick and couldn't work as much as you...

pawn your jewelry


Sometimes bills come in or you get sick and can't work and that ends up leaving you a little short to make all of...

pawn tools


So you need to get a little quick cash and don't have any nice jewelry that you want to part with - but do...

pawning is easy


Learning how to pawn like a pro isn't that difficult... While there is an argument to be made for not getting so good at pawning...

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do pawn shops buy micrometers

If you have ever wondered if pawn shops would buy micrometers, let me just tell you that you are not alone. Not by a long shot. Many people have asked me if pawn shops buy micrometers and the answer to that question may surprise you, but I don't think it should. Find out what I have to say about it in this post.

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