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What Is started as just a blog developed to answer questions about the pawn industry. Since then, it has grown considerably and has gone through an incredible update. We are now in a position to offer much more detailed content and answer your questions regarding pawn shops, how they operate and what you can expect when you visit your local pawn broker.

Pawn Shop Questions & Answers

can i pawn a broken laptop

Some people have wondered if you can pawn broken laptops. It's not a bad question, and to be honest, I get asked about pawning broken items more often than you might initially think. But with that in mind, are broken electronics high on a pawn shops list of things to take in? Find out in this article.
do pawn shops accept hookahs

Do pawn shops take hookahs? Good question, and today, I decided that we would really look at the topic and see what the deal was. Are hookahs something that a pawn shop will take in? Find out now!

What Is A Pawn Shop?

Simply put, a pawn shop is a business that offers you a secured loan by using your personal items as collateral for that loan. People often use gold jewelry, professional brand name power tools or even electronics as collateral to get their loan.

How To Pawn At A Pawn Shop

pawn bullion for the most money

When it comes to making loans against things, precious metals and bullion are near the top of the list for items that pawn shops accept. Learn how to pawn bullion here!
how to pawn silver coins

how can you pawn A PS4 at a pawn shop?

how to pawn

What Is A Pawn Broker?

Pawn broker is the formal definition of a pawn shop or it’s owner(s). The pawn broker and their staff are the people you will be working with directly when making your loan.

Pawn Shop Articles

what can you expect when you pawn jewelry

If you have jewelry that you would like to pawn but aren't sure what to expect, then this will help you understand the basics.

Check Cashing Articles

Do you have a check that you need cashed? Well then you might think about using a check cashing store but how much will they charge? Let's find out.
How Much Will You Be Charged To Cash A Check

So what's the bottom line here, how much do check cashing places charge to cash checks? Is it reasonable or is it really high?



Getting Loans At Pawn Shops

When it comes to getting loans through pawn shops, there are some things that you will want to know before you sign that paper. Get the facts about loans through pawn shops before you make a mistake.


do pawn shops take stainless steel watches

If you have a stainless steel watch laying around the house and you are in need of a few extra bucks, you may ask yourself if that's something that a pawn shop would buy. To tell you the truth, a lot of people ask the same thing. I probably get the question 4 or 5 times a week at minimum. So let's dig in and answer it for you, once and for all.